Greetings to you,

At the time of the October Plenary Assembly, we sent a letter concerning the CCCB’s decisions with respect to Development and Peace to Bishop Pierre Morissette, current President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Despite the positive nature of aspects of the CCCB Standing Committee and Development and Peace National Council decisions, more recent developments in the situation brings even greater urgency to our communication with the CCCB and Development and Peace’s National Council.  With this in mind, we have appended two documents to this letter, the first discussing historic tensions between the CCCB and Development and Peace, and the second on the questions currently being discussed and decisions under consideration and their consequences on the fundamental nature and identity of Development and Peace. 

Our hope and our appeal is that the original nature of Development and Peace, a unique model of organization in its field with a mission and development model adapted to today’s world, an organization capable of responding to the crying need for economic and social justice and peace, and an open, dynamic, forward looking, and unselfish expression of international solidarity, will be maintained and fostered.  What we see on the horizon suggests the ultimate disaffection of the organization’s active membership, a loss of dynamism among its staff and members with respect to its public education work in Canada and in the organization’s capacity to address the causes of underdevelopment in the world, a rejection and reversal of time honoured and tested development program practices vital to maintaining its relevance and effectiveness, and the consequent loss of a large number of its Southern partners.

We are sending you this information at this time so that it can be included in your reflection on the current situation in the lead up to the next National Council meeting.

Please accept our pledge of ongoing solidarity and preparedness to collaborate in any way that will help resolve these issues.

Jacques Champagne, Fabien Leboeuf et Gabrielle Lachance
September 9, 2011