MONTREAL, Quebec, July 14, 2011 ( – A new report has rated the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace (D&P) last among the country’s foreign aid charities in overall efficiency, with only 72.3% of donations allocated toward programs. D&P is the official international development agency of the Canadian Catholic bishops.

On the other hand, the Summer 2011 edition of MoneySense ranks the Catholic child sponsorship group Chalice top overall, and second for efficiency with 93.3% of funds going to programs.

The revelation adds to the ongoing concerns over D&P’s handling of funds since LifeSiteNews revealed two years ago that they are funding numerous pro-abortion groups in the Third World with money raised from Catholics in the pew.

The MoneySense report rated 15 Canadian charities in the category of international aid and development, including World Vision, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, and others.  Based on annual tax filings and individual questionnaires, they were graded on spending efficiency, fundraising costs, governance, and the size of their reserve fund.

Overall D&P earned a B, tying them for eleventh out of the 15 charities.  That grade was supported by an A for fundraising efficiency (it costs them $4.73 to raise $100 – likely due largely to the easy access they have to Catholic parishes and annual diocesan-wide collections) and a B for their seven-month reserve fund.

The report also indicated that D&P’s top employee earns $120,000-159,999, compared to Chalice’s highest salary of $35,001.

D&P ranked last for governance and transparency, along with three other groups, earning 1.0 out of 10 or a C-.

This lack of transparency has frustrated faithful Catholics in the last year as D&P has failed to reveal their full list of partners even in the aftermath of the funding scandal.  The organization, in fact, spent Catholic funds going to court to stop an access to information request from for a list of their partners.  They eventually granted access, but then again failed to provide the list LifeSiteNews had requested.