October 13, 2011 ( – A blog dedicated to fighting the Canadian bishops’ effort to reform the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace is calling on D&P supporters to donate to Quebec priest Fr. Raymond Gravel’s lawsuit against LifeSiteNews.

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“[Fr. Gravel], who is a strong supporter of Development and Peace, is urgently in need of funds to allow his case of libel, scorn and incitement to hatred to advance in the Quebec courts,” the June 28 post reads.


Lamenting that it was the “hate campaign” by LifeSiteNews that led to D&P’s decision to withdraw its grant earlier this year to Mexico’s Centre PRODH, the blogger writes: “A win for Father Gravel in this case would be a significant victory in the battle against such hate speech and poorly argued malicious attacks against Catholic social teaching that are the central focus of these blogs.”

According to the blog, if Gravel wins the $500,000 suit, he is “willing to donate a significant amount to Development and Peace.”

This suggestion is supported by a March 2nd letter from Fr. Gravel soliciting donations for his lawsuit.  In it, he laments the “injustice” LifeSiteNews levied against Development & Peace, and writes, “If I win this lawsuit, the amassed donations will permit me to finance all the organizations that have been victims of injustice.”

In the same letter, Fr. Gravel claims that D&P has been “falsely accused of financing abortion clinics in Mexico.”

LifeSiteNews revealed in 2009 that Development & Peace, the Canadian bishops’ social justice arm, was funding projects by at least two dozen partners in the Third World who were also active in promoting legal access to abortion.  LifeSiteNews never suggested, however, that D&P was funding abortion-related projects, and none of the groups are known to commit abortions themselves.

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