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CLEVELAND, July 20, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stood by his comments linking Hillary Clinton to Lucifer this morning, adding that the policies she espouses – like abortion-on-demand and changing the definition of marriage – are “evil.”

At a separate event, he called redefining sex based on one’s preferred gender identity “the height of absurdity.”

In his nationally televised address to the Republican National Convention last night, Dr. Carson alluded to the fact that Hillary Clinton had looked up to Saul Alinky, the godfather of left-wing community organizers.

Alinsky dedicated his best-known book, Rules for Radicals, to “Lucifer.”

On CNN this morning, Carson told Christopher Cuomo the book advised protesters to unleash “controlled anarchy in order to change us from a democratic republic to a socialist society,” a philosophy that is not “consistent with the principles” of the United States.

Clinton wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley College on Alinsky, with whom she maintained a friendly correspondence, in 1969.

Cuomo repeatedly asked Dr. Carson if he had gone “too far” in mentioning Clinton and Lucifer in the same breath, adding that he had never heard Clinton “mention” Alinsky as a mentor in public.

“She was on a first-name basis with Saul Alinsky,” Dr. Carson replied. “He offered her a job.”

“You have to also use your brain,” Carson said. “Look at her actions, you look at what she advocates. The killing of babies, the dissolution of the traditional family” are “pretty consistent” with Alinsky’s socialist worldview.

But they contrast markedly with her professed Christian faith, he said.

“When you look at the principles that are espoused by Christ, by Christianity, then look at what is espoused by evil, and then you look at things like killing babies, you look at things like redefining marriage away from what the Biblical definition is, I think there’s pretty good consistency there,” Dr. Carson said.

Clinton “doesn’t have the knowledge or the judgment” to be president, he concluded.

The transgender movement opposes “tolerance”

In addition to his floor speech, the neurosurgeon has come under fire today for a separate address to the Florida delegation at the Republican National Convention, in which he said changing one’s gender is as absurd as attempting to change ethnicity.

“For thousands of years, mankind has known what a man is and what a woman is, and now, all of a sudden we don’t know anymore,” he told delegates on Tuesday morning. “Now, is that the height of absurdity?”

“We have to be willing to call out people for this absolutely ridiculous stuff that they’re trying to put over on us, that they’re trying to put over on our children,” he said.

“Secular progressives” had tried to present the transgender political movement as part of the civil rights crusade, but “it's not a civil rights issue,” he said.

Polls have shown a majority of African-Americans reject equating LGBT concerns with the civil rights movement.

Dr. Carson defended his remarks in an interview with NBC’s Katie Couric last night.

Identifying with another gender “doesn’t change their genetics,” he said. “A leopard can’t change its spots,” he added, quoting the Book of Jeremiah.

While he believes transgender people deserve “equal rights,” he opposed granting them “extra rights” by amending civil rights laws.

“Nobody gets to redefine everything for everybody else and then make them comply to it,” he said. “That’s not tolerance.”