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(LifeSiteNews) – Canadian Dr. Mark Trozzi said that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) trial that was convened due to his outspokenness against COVID-19 vaccines and government mandates was nothing more than a “kangaroo court”-style trial.

On Monday, the CPSO’s Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal (OPSDT) heard final arguments against Trozzi to decide whether to take away his medical license. The CPSO is expected to take several weeks to render its ultimate verdict.

Trozzi’s lawyer, Michael Alexander, said during the last day of the hearing that the CPSO “failed to prove Dr. Trozzi’s comments are false and misleading.”

He made the case that the evidence the CPSO brought forth against Trozzi was not up to standard. Alexander also took issue with the regulator’s legal team trying to discredit the witnesses Trozzi had brought before the tribunal.

Trozzi told LifeSiteNews in a recent interview that in his opinion the CPSO hearings against him were a “kangaroo court” and that “any doctor who does not go along with these COVID crimes” is being investigated because of their belief’s contrary to the COVID jab narrative.

He noted to LifeSiteNews that those who went along with the “COVID crimes against humanity” are in effect “laying a record for their (own future) criminal trial.”

According to Trozzi, a “day of reckoning will come.”

Trozzi hopes to be exonerated but is realistic about medical regulator’s perceived bias against him

While Trozzi is hopeful of a positive outcome from his trial with the CPSO, he told LifeSiteNews that “it’s a little hard to think they are going to decide in favor of the people of Canada, meaning regarding medical doctors having the freedom to make their own decisions.”

“However, part of my hope is based on faith in human beings, I would hope people involved look at what is before them,” he said.

“It is very obvious we are trying to put science on the table. They are trying to keep it off the table.”

Trozzi noted that the “real” issue at play is “human rights and not just the science.”

“Part of me, my optimism, maybe the people who are going along with the college agenda, maybe they realize just how dark this is,” he told LifeSiteNews.

He noted that he hopes that people inside the CPSO “wise up” to what has been going on regarding the overwhelming evidence of the harms caused by the COVID vaccines.

“Do I think that is going to happen? I think our case is great; I see their legal team trying to disqualify our experts,” he told LifeSiteNews.

Trozzi added that the more “likely scenario” is that the CPSO’s “rigged kangaroo court” declares “that I’m incompetent and disgraceful.”

He said that should this happen he “will take the evidence into the court system and hope they follow the law.”

Trozzi noted that he hopes some members of the CPSO and others in the mainstream medical community might one day have a change of heart.

“Let’s hope they have a soul-searching moment, repentance is part of the human path,” he said.

Trozzi hopes one day the doctors kicked out of the college will be reinstated.

Last Wednesday, the legal counsel for the CPSO failed to disqualify renowned American cardiologist and COVID-19 vaccine specialist Dr. Peter McCullough as a witness in its trial against Trozzi.

With McCullough testifying on behalf of Trozzi, the six-hour hearing held last Wednesday by the OPSDT became intense at times.

The CPSO’s legal counsel tried two hours into the meeting to have the OPSDT panel ban McCullough as a witness, claiming he was not qualified to be an expert observer.

Shortly after the start of the COVID-19 so-called pandemic, Trozzi became a vocal critic of the mainstream narrative surrounding the virus. He was suspended for giving out COVID jab exemptions by the CPSO shortly after mandates took effect.

At the end of 2020, Trozzi walked away from his extraordinarily successful career, sold his family home, and committed himself completely to alerting the public to the falsehoods concerning COVID.

Seemingly undeterred by the CPSO’s sanctions, Trozzi has said his research showed there was a vastly higher number of people who died “within a few months” of having taken the experimental COVID shot than compared to other vaccines.

He also expressed concern for the alarming rate of miscarriages that took place during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials, saying the novel injections make “thalidomide look like a Flintstone vitamin.”

The CPSO has initiated legal action against Trozzi and Drs. Mary O’ConnorRochangé Kilian, Celeste Jean ThirlwellPatrick Phillips, and Crystal Luchkiw, who are committed to their Hippocratic Oath responsibilities related to COVID:

Trozzi and other pro-medical freedom doctors will be in attendance at LifeSiteNews’ 25th Anniversary Canadian Gala on July 18 in Markham, Ontario.