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(LifeSiteNews) — COVID-19 frontline doctor Dr. Mark Trozzi may soon have his medical license revoked after accusations by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) that he has been spreading medical “misinformation.”

On the heels of Dr. Trozzi’s disciplinary hearing Tuesday with CPSO, former Member of the House of Commons of Canada Derek Sloan and Dr. Trozzi’s attorney, Michael Alexander, discussed the “troubling” likelihood that the medical freedom champion may lose his license. 

Alexander told Sloan that CPSO has thus far concluded that Dr. Trozzi has “essentially been spreading misinformation” and that this “has caused public harm” despite lack of “proof tender” that this is the case.

He added that they have found Dr. Trozzi “guilty of failing to maintain the standard practice” and of “dishonorable conduct.” 

“They’ve gone so far as to say that he is incompetent. So it’s a pretty heavy decision,” Alexander said.

According to Alexander, Dr. Trozzi’s penalty hearing will take place on Friday, November 10, when CPSO will argue for the revocation of his license. 

As a trauma physician and frontline doctor during the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Trozzi studied the ingredients and effects of the jabs for himself and found that they were not safe or effective, as was being widely proclaimed.

He also noticed that the judgment of doctors about COVID and the shots was being compromised by substantial monetary payoffs. For example, he previously told LifeSiteNews that one of his colleagues knows an ear, nose, and throat surgeon in Germany who stopped doing surgery and explained, “I only do the minimum amount of V.A. specialty work to keep my license because I’m making way more money just giving shots during that peak.”

In the interest of protecting not only his own patients but people everywhere, Dr. Trozzi promoted alternative COVID-19 treatments and publicly explained why the COVID shot is “not a vaccine.”

In retaliation, Dr. Trozzi was barred from issuing medical exemptions for COVID-19 shots, masking requirements and testing in 2021, along with Ontario doctor Rochagne Kilian.

At the time, CPSO said the interim orders were given in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act, which allow restrictions on a member’s license if a regulator believes a certain practice “exposes or is likely to expose patients to harm or injury.”

The CPSO has cracked down on numerous physicians who have failed to comply with standard protocol during the COVID outbreak, so much so that Dr. Robert Malone recently spoke out against what he described as the “re-education” of dissident Canadian doctors.

The CPSO has thus far initiated legal action against Trozzi and at least five other doctors who are committed to their Hippocratic Oath responsibilities related to COVID:  Mary O’Connor,  Rochangé Kilian, Celeste Jean Thirlwell,  Patrick Phillips,  and  Crystal Luchkiw

Regarding the current threat to Dr. Trozzi’s medical license, Sloan suggested his outlook doesn’t look bright, considering that CPSO wins at least 90% to 95% of its cases.

Sloan finds the threat to Dr. Trozzi’s medical license especially troubling considering that doctors have had their licenses suspended for only a few months after having committed “really nasty” offenses like “uttering threats” to others. He pointed out that one particular doctor who had threatened his wife was required to take anger management courses, “but they didn’t pull his license indefinitely.”

The extreme measure of pulling a license is usually reserved for offenses like sexual misconduct or impropriety with patients, according to Sloan. 

Why would they go to that level with Dr. Trozzi?” he wondered to Alexander.

While CPSO’s decision doesn’t officially recommend the revocation of Dr. Trozzi’s license, but “suggests that it might be warranted,” they “want to make an example of Mark,” Alexander said.

 “And it’s really troubling,” he added.

It is noteworthy that the legal counsel for CPSO attempted to disqualify Dr. Peter McCullough as a witness in its trial against Dr. Trozzi due to Dr. McCullough’s objections to how colleges such as the CPSO work with its doctors, and his outspokenness against the COVID shots.  

Dr. Trozzi weighed in on the impending decision, beginning with an “olive branch” to the members of the College of Physicians.

“Had you known the truth, which you did not, you would have never consented to the injection. That includes people working at the college,” Dr. Trozzi said.

“Everyone was lied to. Everyone was deceived. And with very few psychopathic exceptions, people actually took the shot thinking they were getting a safe, effective vaccine,” he continued, clarifying that the doctors who promoted the shots were themselves were deceived and “coerced.”

“So I’m not very much concerned with my license or my income or all those sorts of things … I’m concerned with saving lives,” Dr. Trozzi said.

Asked by Sloan what the next steps are for Dr. Trozzi’s case, Alexander explained that once they receive a penalty order, “the right to appeal crystallizes in the eyes of the law,” so they will be able to appeal the College’s decision to the court of Ontario. 

Alexander explained that because of a 2019 Supreme Court decision called Babylon, which requires statutory-based appeals to be heard on the standard of correctness, they will be able to “challenge the college head on all the legal issues” he believes have been “wrongly decided” in divisional court. 

“So it could be a watershed. If we’re not successful in the divisional court, we can appeal to the court of appeal. If we’re not successful there, we can go to the Supreme Court of Canada. So I’m testing here whether Ontario is going to follow the Supreme Court’s ruling on how to deal with these kinds of appeals,” Alexander said.

The attorney is welcoming any financial assistance for Dr. Trozzi’s case, especially due to the added cost of virtual hearings.

Donations, which are the only source of income for him and his family at this time, can be made via Dr. Trozzi’s website,