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(LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Mark Trozzi recently sat down with LifeSiteNews co-founder Steve Jalsevac, discussing with him his fight against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), his ongoing fight against the COVID regime, and more. 

The discussion begins with Trozzi’s account of his legal fight with the CPSO. Trozzi tells Jalsevac that people need to know that the organization, which recently took away his medical license, did so as a result of a hearing he calls a “kangaroo court.” To Trozzi, most doctors do not fight the CPSO the way he did because it would amount to a way to “punish you more by piling a legal bill on top of you.” 

“They prefer submission to discussion,” he says. “The only way to fix the situation, was to go through their hearing anticipating that it would be really an abuse of procedure. And that’s what it was.” Multiple doctors testified before the hearing on Trozzi’s behalf, including Dr. Peter McCullough, whom Trozzi recounts getting into confrontations during the hearing: CPSO’s lawyer asked McCullough to read timestamps of videos and last lines of papers, and he responded by inviting them to do so themselves. “He addressed them several times and he said, ‘When are you going to ask me a question regarding Dr. Trozzi’s clinical practice?’” Trozzi recalls. 

Trozzi reflects on the CPSO’s decision by noting that it is their “prerogative to announce a decision in their court,” i.e., the court’s ruling that everything the CPSO said was right and Trozzi was wrong. The court further stated that Trozzi owed the organization $100,000, in addition to revoking his medical license within Ontario three months after the hearing concluded. 

Trozzi had hoped that the organization would have taken a “repentant path” because “the science is clearly against them.” 

“The data is clearly against them,” he asserts. “More and more, the public is waking up and are clearly against them, and the law is against them, because the mandates they’ve put over doctors, they have no lawful authority to do.” 

Trozzi notes that the proceedings of the court clearly show that he followed the science. At one point an “expert” was called in by the CPSO who said he didn’t need to reply to a 40-page report and 29 scientific citations provided by Trozzi – something he says would have proven him correct in a “normal court.” Trozzi also contends that in legal terms, the CPSO lost “on all counts.” 

“Now they’ve created a record,” he says. “And because we’ve gone through this process with them, now we can appeal that record into the court system. So for the first time, this will be going into the courts.” 

Trozzi points out that the Supreme Court of Canada requires that the record be reviewed for “correctness” because of the “drawn out procedure,” and that if the court follows the law, it will rule in his favor. Trozzi stresses, however, that people recall that he is not fighting the CPSO’s decision solely for the sake of regaining his medical license.  

“People have to remember, I began my mission when I had a fully intact medical license, and I had been working on a mission free of income for three years, despite having a medical license, because I knew how dangerous this agenda was, and I knew how dangerous these injections were because I did my homework in the beginning,” he tells Jalsevac. 

While there have been other doctors who have appealed medical organizations over COVID-related decisions, Trozzi says that his case is unique, though suggests that further discussion of the case’s details be brought before his lawyer. He notes, however, that his appeal is based on a question of correctness rather than reasonableness, and thus there is a “higher standard” to which the CPSO will be held. 

Trozzi is hopeful that his appeal will “restore” other health care professionals across Ontario and Canada who were “unlawfully persecuted,” had their medical licenses revoked, or were “forced to submit and agree to nonsense that they know is wrong to keep their license and job” for doing the right thing. Adding to that, he continues, the “real victims” are the people of Ontario and Canada, arguing that since the beginning of the COVID regime in 2020, both nurses and doctors who sought to do the right thing have been persecuted, meaning that people have no one to defend them. 

“I feel it’s very important to restore the rule of law, and to restore scientific and ethical integrity in this province and in this country for everyone, because otherwise you have people who pay taxes, have a supposed health care system, but the doctors are all completely coerced into going along with hurting patients,” he states. 

Science is ‘clear’ that COVID jabs are harmful

Declaring the science to be “clear,” Trozzi tells Jalsevac that all his predictions from 2020 regarding the COVID jabs have been proven correct. The jabs themselves, he continues, bring no benefit and cause harm, listing the greater likelihood that one will suffer COVID after getting them, the “ravage” of cancer across Canada, blood clotting and other vascular diseases, abortions, heart attacks, strokes, shingles, neurological disorders, advanced dementia, and sudden deaths.  

Trozzi further says that he is shocked and saddened to still see people insisting that the jabs are “safe and effective” and attempting to “continue an agenda” rather than calling for the cessation of injections. Noting that the problems caused by the jabs were “predictable through science” and that autopsies confirmed the predictions, Trozzi says that we are at a point where “anyone who can look around their own family, their own community, will tell you the tales” – something he has noticed while doing community events. 

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He describes one such event by noting that when he asks people to raise their hands if they know someone who died in 2020 as a result of a bad respiratory infection, only one or two will be raised out of a crowd of 500, but that when he asks if people know someone who died after the rollout of the jabs and thinks the jab is related to the death, almost all hands go up, while a year ago, half of them would have.  

Regarding those who still believe the jabs are not the cause of the problem, Trozzi opines that “people aren’t putting two and two together.” 

“When you look at the math, is it possible that someone actually doesn’t know anyone who got hurt from the shot? I think it’s possible,” he says. “But the data so strongly supports that who’s getting sick with COVID since the injections are rolled out? The people that take the most injections.” 

“The data is overwhelming on that,” he continues. “And it really always has been, both predictably, Pfizer’s documents, government data, and recent studies.” 

Despite some not concluding that the jabs are the problem, Trozzi affirms he has been reaching more people than purveyors of the mainstream COVID message. He looks to Joe Rogan’s podcast as one example of alternative media that massively outperforms an outlet like CNN. Mainstream organizations, especially the Canadian ones that receive government money, do not need an audience, Trozzi contends, claiming they produce “propaganda for the government” even if no one is listening. Unlike “real media,” he contends, which has to “perform” to do well, mainstream media does not rely on donors or subscribers. 

Trozzi further claims that while he and others have been targeted by the mainstream media, no one has come up to him to condemn him. On the contrary, they have come up to him to thank him for what he is doing. “I think if people are waiting for the liars to tell the truth, they’re going to be waiting forever,” he says. “They’ll be lying when the handcuffs are put on them and they’re taken to where they should be, which is in prison for what they’ve done.” 

Conference on the COVID regime was overwhelmingly popular

Continuing the conversation, the pair touch upon Trozzi’s December trip to Romania to attend a conference on the COVID regime. 

Trozzi tells Jalsevac that the conference was held in the Romanian parliament building at the behest of the AUR Party, which had recently won a large enough amount of seats and were “instrumental” in limiting a “forced injection campaign” in the country. The AUR, Trozzi states, sought a group of scientists through the International COVID Summit (ICS), a group Trozzi is associated with. 

The group gathered a set of about 35 scientists from around the world, among them Trozzi and Dr. Robert Malone, who were given a day to strategize about responding to the current state of geopolitics as scientists. The group spent two days in the Romanian parliament giving presentations, with Trozzi’s on the supposed effectiveness of the jabs. The event marked the fourth time the ICS held such a meeting. 

While hundreds managed to see the presentations in person, a Romanian MP said thousands wanted to attend but could not, since the parliament wanted to have a civil and organized presentation so they could absorb the information rather than “flood the place with people.” 

Describing his presentation, Trozzi said that “putting aside” the “injuries and death” caused by the jab, he studied the effectiveness of the shots, stressing that by virtue of their ingredients they are not vaccines and that they neither prevent transmission nor prevent infection. Trozzi examined the predictability of the jabs, Pfizer’s and Moderna’s documents, “which were full of fraud but still revealed the danger,” as well as the government rollout and real-world data, including the most recent studies up to the time of his presentation. He concluded that the jabs make one more likely to get sick with COVID, a likelihood that increases for every booster. 

Speaking to government data from across Canada, Trozzi notes there was a “cover-up of how [the government] said, ‘We’ll stop reporting vaccination status,’ when it became obvious that people who took these injections are more likely to get sick with COVID, dramatically more likely.” 

When asked how many people viewed his Romanian presentation, Trozzi admits that he is unsure. However, the third ICS summit, held in the European Parliament, claimed to have had over 4 billion views. He also admits he is unsure where in the world people are watching the most, making an educated guess that people all over the world are based on viewership of online events from the World Council for Health, an organization wherein Trozzi sits on the steering committee. 

Jalsevac further asks Trozzi if he believes that he managed to get to more people than mainstream outlets, to which Trozzi responds that the ICS as a group “certainly has.” 

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What is Dr. Trozzi currently up to?

Touching on other work he is undertaking, Trozzi says he works anywhere from 10 to 16 hours per day, a good deal of it online. He publishes every day on his own website, X, and Telegram, with the publications on his own website recently being mirrored on his Substack. 

Listing a couple of recent publications, Trozzi mentions an article in which he discusses recent research explaining the mechanics leading to blood clotting in those who took the jabs, a post that while it contains “intricate, detailed science,” has high viewership. He likewise mentions work he did with Dr. Chris Shoemaker on PET scans and myocarditis. 

Explaining the work in detail, Trozzi explains that PET scans show that people who took the jab without cardiac symptoms and look for signs of metabolic strain or even mitochondrial dysfunction, or the rate at which their cells consume glucose to stay alive, in their heart cells, then no matter a person’s sex, and no matter how long after they took the jab, there is “profound metabolic strain” on the heart. Trozzi further asserts that the PET scan research ties in with a report by McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, William Makis, and Nicolas Hulscher linking the jabs to myocarditis through the examination of autopsies. 

Mention of the report introduces a discussion on autopsies, with Trozzi opining that in 2020, people were told that many were dying of COVID, and yet hospitals were being given money based on whether death certificates read COVID as a cause of death or not. 

To him, however, the “strange thing” about the events of 2020 was that one would expect the first victim of a fatal new pathogen would be autopsied, and yet autopsies were discouraged. Some doctors, he notes, managed to get autopsy results from European COVID victims, and found that what the disease did was microvascular clotting in the lungs’ blood vessels rather than a typical pathology from pneumonia. 

“That’s why fairly quickly by learning this, we knew that some people with COVID pneumonia would on the fourth or fifth day into the process, they would get into a hyperinflammation and a hypercoagulation. And once we knew that lives were saved, believe it or not, with aspirin,” he says. He also notes that the COVID jab’s spike protein was modified to “enhance” its ability to cause blood clotting. 

He compares the regimen of doctors in Africa with those in the West, noting that African doctors would give elderly men with COVID oxygen and ivermectin, and depending on time and circumstances aspirin, an antihistamine steroid, and antibacterials for pneumonia infections, resulting in health between 12 and 24 hours. In the West, meanwhile, people were forced to get the jab. 

“The obstruction of autopsies helped to maximize, I would say, the kill rate, because we couldn’t see what was going on, and we couldn’t treat it,” Trozzi asserts. 

“Even in the context of all that, when you look at what data has shown, Italian data, American data … [Denis] Rencourt’s team has done a great job analyzing this, it’s not a virus that killed people, it’s the mandates that killed people,” he continues. 

Jalsevac added that the treatments given to COVID patients often killed them, prompting Trozzi to discuss the work of Dr. Paul Marik, an American ICU doctor who, along with Dr. Pierre Kory, developed a COVID treatment regimen including ivermectin based on blood tests of people sent to them – people who were often near death, Trozzi says, because of the bad treatment they were given. While Merik’s hospital eventually told him he could no longer give his patients ivermectin, his work managed to save the lives of patients in Africa and India.  

In Canada, meanwhile, Trozzi notes that patients were denied antibiotics for secondary pneumonia infections, which was considered “standard protocol” before COVID. Trozzi also encourages people to study the case of Clare Wiersma, a retired deputy police chief from Chatham, Ontario, whom he believes died as a result of medical malpractice “in the context of this orchestrated obstruction of scientific and ethical practice in [Ontario] by [CPSO].” 

Many people know someone injured or dead after receiving COVID jab

Shifting the conversation, Jalsevac asks Trozzi about community events he has attended.  

While Trozzi says he has done “quite a few,” he singles out one that took place in Bancroft, Ontario, a place he considers his “hometown” since he lived there for about 10 to 12 years in the lead-up to the COVID pandemic. 

He points to two things that “stood out” about the event. First, he notes that he received a warm welcome by those in the town, but that he noticed a good deal of women with menstrual issues, people who had already died, someone whose 12-year-old daughter had cancer who, after multiple amputations, finally died, friends who had been “coerced” into getting the jabs and now suffered from turbo cancers, young athletes who had trouble moving one side of their body and speaking properly while once being the greatest hockey player in town, and the like. 

At the event, organized by local activist Wilma Brethour, he asked questions he normally asks at community events. Not a hand raised when he asked if they knew someone who died with a “terrible cold” in 2020. However, everyone knew someone who died since the COVID jabs came out. Most hands remained up when he asked if they knew two, and half remained up for three. 

“As convincing as the data’s been, as convincing as Pfizer’s documents were, for those of us who did our job, and, strangely, our ministers of health, and the registrars of our colleges, clearly did not read Pfizer’s data, or they chose to just participate in mass homicide,” Trozzi says. “We’re at a point now where so much harm that myself and others tried to prevent has happened, that people that can still think straight and look around, they know. And so many people come up to me and say, ‘Well, you know, I used to have good health since I took those COVID injections, I’m getting sick with COVID and every other darn thing since, and I miscarried my baby.’ I mean, these stories are all over the place.” 

Trozzi begins commentary on the current state of geopolitics with what he calls his “silo”: medicine. 

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He tells Jalsevac about the Flexner Report, a 1910 book-length report published by education reformer Abraham Flexner with funding from the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, which was “used as the foundation to basically demonize all other forms of healthcare except physicians,” even though Flexner himself had degrees in the humanities. Before the report, Trozzi states, people had a variety of options for their healthcare professionals, with access to allopathic doctors, or regular physicians, chiropractors, herbalists, and others. 

“What we see from that point on is little by little, the pharmacologic industry has taken over the education and the whole culture of medicine,” Trozzi explains. “Doctors, we’ve been co-opted by the drug industry.” 

Trozzi also goes into some of the science surrounding vaccines, relating that the last three years have led him to scrutinize their effectiveness. While the COVID jab is not a real vaccine, Trozzi says that while many doctors were pro-vaccine by default, they have come to realize that what led to the eradication of disease was plumbing, hygiene, food supplies, and refrigeration. Many vaccines, he continues, were introduced when the illnesses they were intended to fight were “nearly gone,” but that the introduction of the vaccine allowed them to resurge for a time. He further asserts that people vaccinated as children have a lower quality of health throughout their lives. 

Trozzi further asserts that there has never been a “proper … controlled, double-blinded” scientific study proving that any vaccine is safe and effective. Looking back on vaccines that were available before COVID, he would now say they were bad. The COVID jabs, however, are “terrible.” 

He then pivots, asserting that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has made the World Health Organization (WHO) into a “tool” for control, using the International Health Regulation (IHR) amendment and the WHO pandemic treaty to construct a global dictatorship. Recognizing that some may think he is using hyperbole, Trozzi invites to read the United Nations’ (UN) Agenda 2030. 

When asked how he convinces people of the veracity of his claims, Trozzi says that he admits some bias because he works with “hundreds of doctors and scientists” and has a large audience. However, he notes that from his perspective, people are becoming aware of the problem “in spades” and that he has yet to meet someone who thinks the jabs are safe and effective. 

Trozzi says that in modern times a “false impression” of what the crowd is doing can be given, for instance “bombarding” people with “state-funded propaganda” while at the same time isolating them in their homes and forcing them to cover their faces, such that they cannot read facial expressions. Looking to the Asch psychological experiment, which found that people will succumb to peer pressure and a truth right before them, Trozzi claimed that 70 percent of people will deny the reality while the other 30 will not. Even so, he continues, humanity never needed just over half of people to be involved in anything to affect change. 

In his opinion, there is a “critical mass” of people to fight the COVID regime.

COVID battle a matter of ‘good versus evil’ rather than scientific debate

Speaking to a spiritual dimension of the crisis, Trozzi considers that no one knew who he was back in 2020. He was just a quiet man with a successful career in emergency medicine, teaching medical students with a good living, and recognizing the importance of the golden rule, which he considers to have been a “central theme” of how he did his job. By the end of 2020, however, Trozzi realized that it was “obvious” he needed to make a choice between his career and the golden rule. He also recalls that the verse from Scripture that one cannot serve both God and mammon came to him multiple times that year. 

“The decision was easy,” he says while also admitting that it was not a “fun” one to make. Even so, however, he says that the decision to do the “right thing” rather than follow the money was “foundational” for him, adding that he thinks that it was for others who made the same decision. 

Trozzi further finds it interesting that more doctors and scientists discuss the COVID regime in terms of “good versus evil.” For him, however, it is not simply a scientific debate, for two reasons. First, because the science is “very clear,” and the other because debate is not allowed, hence the stripping of licenses from doctors and nurses for raising a contrary opinion. Trozzi, following Jalsevac, notes that Dr. Vladimir Zelenko discussed the COVID regime in terms of good and evil, doing so to the day he died of cancer in 2022. 

Trozzi says he is a “fan” of Zelenko, a man who “called a spade a spade” and was “a big wake-up call,” adding that Dr. Michael Yeadon’s framing of the COVID discussion in terms of good and evil early in the crisis left an impression on him.  

Recounting when he heard Yeadon call the COVID regime “pure evil,” Trozzi tells Jalsevac, “I remember at that point, I recognized it and I said, ‘This isn’t a guy that uses the word evil much.’” “More and more scientists, and people across all spectra, are recognizing that there is definitely a good versus evil going on here, and there’s definitely a David versus Goliath,” he continues. 

Trozzi, however, admits to a certain trepidation about the matter, but that he recalls Psalm 22, in which David says God will be with him even in the valley of the shadow of death, and that he will fear no evil. 

“I think that there’s a big element to that, too, because everything seems to be set up to make it look like the bad guys win,” he adds. “I think maybe on a metaphysical, spiritual level, that’s by design, because you have to actually choose to do the right thing regardless of the cost. So maybe this is somewhat of a test for many of us too.” 

Addressing his website, Trozzi says that he started it in 2021. He notes that if people go to the website’s library, they can “flip” the order of articles, so they can go through the entire history of his COVID coverage from beginning to end. The website is close to 900 articles, and he believes that it has had about 10 million reads since its inception. Among the publications he mentions, he notes that one of the first he published was an article arguing that the COVID jabs are not vaccines, as well as another article warning doctors and nurses that they were being coerced into committing crimes. 

Trozzi also addresses his X suspension and removal, though he was reinstated the same day Alex Jones was. Recounting the story, Trozzi explains he was kicked off the platform after being accused of making a violent threat towards Chris Hipkins, the prime minister of New Zealand. The post was a reaction to Hipkins’ statement at a press conference that no one was forced to take the jabs and did so of their free will. 

“In the context of Nuremberg, the title was ‘Nooses for Narcissists,’” Trozzi says.  

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“I was not promoting people to just go and grab these people and hang them off trees, but I was saying that I believe people that have committed crimes causing the death of thousands and millions of people, and the suffering, and the transfer of wealth from everyone to the uber rich, I think that those are severe crimes, whether it should be life in prison or hanging, it depends on your taste.”  

In Trozzi’s opinion, there was an “internal struggle at X,” because he wrote to them after a time explaining that he was helping people and provided references. The platform responded to Trozzi by deleting his account. Several months after the fact, around the time Elon Musk bought X and the company “started to make some commitment to the basic principle of free speech and open dialogue,” Trozzi was asked to delete the post or change the title of the article it contained. 

Dr. Trozzi’s future plans

Looking to the future, Trozzi seeks to continue focusing on health. While he recognizes there are other crises in the world, he says that as a doctor he wants to do whatever he can to help people “detoxify” themselves from the COVID jabs, persuade them not to get more mRNA jabs, advance the science of cancer in the face of the turbo cancers plaguing those who did get the jab, and continue helping with autopsies so people can know what happened. 

He also notes that he posted on his website that there are 1,000 peer-reviewed articles proving the COVID jab harmed people, adding that he will continue to work hard for the World Council for Health and support “all the good organizations across Canada” he is currently working with. 

Speaking to detoxification specifically, Trozzi says the problem is that the COVID jabs are good at making cells produce a fair amount of spike proteins which cause “huge dysfunction” in the immune system and causes people’s immune systems to attack their own bodies, since they mark the host’s cells as foreigners in his own body. 

He also notes that there are flaws in the mRNA technology whereby people are producing not just spike proteins, but also “misfolded” spike proteins and perhaps prions, a protein that can cause other proteins to misfold and can cause diseases like mad cow disease. “We can’t fix everything by dealing with the spike protein, but we fix a lot of it by dealing with the spike protein,” Trozzi asserts. 

Trozzi further directs people to his website for information on detoxification, where he has published three videos about it. He also says that fasting is a “tremendous” means for the body to increase the filtration of “garbage,” including spike proteins, specifically a three-day water fast. However, depending on the length of the fast, one can “trigger different things,” such as “almost completely [resetting] the immune system” in the case of longer fasts. 

Using Paul Marik’s experience as an example, Trozzi explains that the doctor faced a series of health problems, including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as taking two COVID jabs, but discovered that fasting would help detoxify the body while working on his COVID protocols. Trozzi notes that Marik got into the habit of intermittent fasting, or abstaining from food for six to eight hours. Not only did Marik solve the problems resulting from the jabs, he resolved his diabetes and high blood pressure and no longer takes medication. Marik has written protocols about fasting, and the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has a protocol regarding intermittent fasting for treating jab effects and type 2 diabetes. 

“Even with the doctors locked out of our normal income and our hospitals, we are advancing medical science like never before,” Trozzi declares. “People are going to have a future option to be way healthier than we were. But we do still have to overcome the criminals doing this and restore the rule of law and basic human rights to the planet.” 

‘You have to stand up’

Concluding the interview, Trozzi says his final message is, “You have to wake up, and you have to stand up.” 

“This current crisis in our planet is ours,” he declares. “We have to solve this. Everyone has a role to play. It’s not a spectator sport. The danger is real. And the time to win a war is while it’s happening, and it’s happening right now.” 

When Jalsevac asks what can be done with those who still accept the COVID narrative, Trozzi says that we must “focus on target” to a degree. For Trozzi, there are enough people aware of the present crisis to fight it effectively. What he calls on people to do in the meantime is take a “serious role” and make the fight part of their daily lives. 

“Everything you own, everything that you’ve worked for all your life is on the line, because the agenda not only involves killing you and your descendants off, the agenda also involves that you will own nothing, and they will own everything,” he concludes. “Now’s the time to fight, and we could make a future that we’ll be proud to hand on to our children.”