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(LifeSiteNews) — A recent peer-reviewed study provides evidence that those who received mRNA COVID-19 “vaccinations” are able to transmit resulting antibodies to the unvaccinated through aerosols, that is, through the process of regular breathing.

Yet, Dr. Peter McCullough told LifeSiteNews that another possibility “urgently” needs to be tested, proposing the data may actually indicate “shedding” of the shots’ dangerous lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and “pathogenic” spike proteins “from host to recipient” instead.

The study titled Evidence for Aerosol Transfer of SARS-CoV-2-Specific Humoral Immunity was published by ImmunoHorizons in May and described the process by which the research team first identified these specific antibodies in surgical masks used for one day by vaccinated laboratory workers.

After these observations, the researchers hypothesized that perhaps such antibodies can also be transferred from one individual to another via aerosols and droplets as viruses are as well.

To test the hypothesis, they collected nasal swabs from unvaccinated children living in homes where parents or family members were either vaccinated, unvaccinated, or had already received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

The results revealed that the presence of high intranasal amounts of these specific antibodies in vaccinated parents were “significantly associated” with the presence of the same antibodies “within a child from the same household.” By comparison, the swabs from children of unvaccinated homes revealed a “complete deficit of SARS-CoV-2-specific” antibodies.

In other words, they concluded that antibodies generated as a result of these COVID-19 injections can be transferred from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated or others by means of mere aerosols (normal breathing) in proportion to the amounts present in their nose or mouth.

Yet the researchers also recognize that the correlation they witnessed does not necessarily guarantee their conclusion of the direct transfer of antibodies. “We have yet to encounter an equally parsimonious interpretation, although admittedly this does not mean one does not exist,” they wrote.

McCullough: Data may ‘imply shedding of Spike protein and/or mRNA’ and ‘not transference of antibodies’

In an email correspondence with LifeSiteNews, Dr. McCullough offered a different interpretation.

“I am concerned these data imply shedding of Spike protein and / or mRNA vaccine material from the host to the recipient and not transference of antibodies as the authors have concluded,” he wrote.

McCullough has had a renowned career in the medical field, including authoring 687 articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals, and he remains the most published individual in his field in history.

In an interview last November, McCullough argued that the mRNA itself from the COVID-19 gene-based injections was “transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.” This would naturally generate the spike proteins with the body responding by creating the specific antibodies identified in the ImmunoHorizons study.

The former editor of two medical journals also cited at the time a paper by Helene Banoun showing that LNPs that carry the mRNA spread throughout the body “have been shown to be able to be excreted through body fluids (sweat, sputum, breast milk) and to pass the transplacental barrier.”

“And in a paper by Fertig and Colleagues, the messenger RNA is found circulating in blood for at least two weeks” (here), the physician said. “And the curves were not going down. That’s as long as they looked.”

“Röltgen and colleagues has found messenger RNA in the vaccinated in lymph nodes for months,” he explained. “It looks like the body’s not clearing it out” (study).

Finally, another study “from Hanna and colleagues in JAMA showed that the messenger RNA is in the breast milk of ill-advised women who took the vaccine during pregnancy or afterwards,” he said.

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Summarizing these thoughts, McCullough proposed the rhetorical question: “Could you actually take a vaccine inadvertently by close contact, kissing, sexual contact, [or] breastfeeding? It looks like the answer is ‘yes.’”

Furthermore, the mRNA has “never been demonstrated to actually leave the body. They look like they’re permanent, as well as the spike protein that’s produced after them. This is very disturbing,” lamented the former president of the Cardiorenal Society of America.

Dr. Byram Bridle: LNPs and spike proteins may potentially be shed through aerosols, skin. Studies ‘just need to be done.’

Expert vaccinologist Dr. Byram Bridle offered a similar assessment during an in-person interview in July. After addressing LifeSite’s annual staff meeting in Toronto, Bridle referenced biodistribution data (such as this Pfizer Japanese study) that showed the vaccines’ LNPs carrying mRNA “to all kinds of places where it could be associated with shedding.”

These include the salivary glands, the lungs, the large and small intestine, the bladder and the skin. This means there is a “theoretical potential” for shedding from all these areas, including the lungs through mere aerosols.

The spike protein can also be carried by exosomes or extracellular vesicles that are “little fat bubbles” excreted by cells. “They can carry the spike protein” and “there is peer reviewed, published science showing those in circulation,” the Ontario-based virologist, vaccinologist, and immunologist said.

The exosomes are “tiny and can be exhaled in the vapors that we exhale,” Bridle continued. “It doesn’t require coughing and sneezing. The regular aerosols that we would exhale [are sufficient].”

“So, yes, we know shedding happens, at least in breast milk,” and “there’s all this theoretical potential” for other areas of the body as well, but “nobody allows the studies to be done,” he observed. “The studies to prove or disprove this are very simple to do. They just need to be done.”

In his email statement to LifeSiteNews, McCullough agreed with this perspective applying it particularly to the ImmunoHorizons study asserting that further testing must be done to assess the possibility of the vaccinated transmitting LNPs and/or spike proteins to the unvaccinated.

“Detailed assessment for mRNA in the blood and tissues of the unvaccinated is urgently needed,” he concluded.


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