HALIFAX, NS, Mar 30 ( – Dr. Nancy Morrison, the respirologist who escaped murder charges when a judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to show that her alleged euthanasia attempt actually caused Mill’s death, was issued a reprimand by the Nova Scotia College of Physicians and Surgeons. The reprimand was given for the administration of potassium chloride and nitroglycerin a concoction which stops the heart.

The admission is a revealing one since the judge’s decision that there was insufficient evidence against Morrison was based partly on a coroner’s report which indicated that the suspected killing agent administered to patient Mills, potassium chloride, could not be found in his blood stream. At the time of the ruling Crown attorney Craig Boterrill argued that potassium chloride is never found in the bodies of murder victims, it is “the perfect instrument to commit the perfect murder.”

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Source: Canadian Press