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(LifeSiteNews) –– One of the main defense witnesses in Dr. Mark Trozzi’s trial with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), which resumed today, was not able to attend the hearing this morning due to family issues.  

Trozzi later confirmed this fact to his followers in an email sent out this morning.  

“Unfortunately, due to a family illness, Dr. Paul Alexander was unable to testify today. We pray for his family that all will be well,” noted Trozzi in an email.  

It is not clear if Alexander will testify tomorrow, which is the second last day scheduled for Trozzi’s trial with the CPSO. 

Tomorrow, Dr. Peter McCullough, who he said will deliver to the tribunal information concerning “true science about COVID in spades,” is set to testify in favor of Trozzi at 1 p.m. ET. 

Trozzi’s trial with the CPSO concerns his outspokenness against COVID jabs and mandates. He has asked his supporters to tune into the hearings. 

“I face charges for warning you and sharing science and thoughts that oppose the last three years of fraud and crimes against humanity committed in the names of ‘COVID and our health,’” Trozzi said about his trial in a recent email update to his followers. 

At the end of 2020, Trozzi walked away from his highly successful career, sold his family home, and committed himself completely to alerting the public to the falsehoods concerning COVID. 

Trozzi’s seven-day tribunal hearing is part of the CPSO’s efforts to “try and take away” his medical license, he argued, because he took a stand against the COVID narrative and “the global agenda being carried out [by] the WHO, a conduit of criminal control that’s rolled out through govt’s regulatory bodies and has committed… medical atrocities.” 

Shortly after the start of the COVID-19 so-called pandemic, Trozzi became a vocal critic of the mainstream narrative surrounding the virus. He was suspended for giving out COVID jab exemptions by the CPSO shortly after mandates took effect. 

In response to the suspension, Trozzi at that time defended his conduct by citing his duty to the “Hippocratic Oath,” and added that while he had been sanctioned, he “remained an intact, intelligent human being with a heart, and no matter how much money I could have made to kill off the citizens of Ontario, I wouldn’t do it.” 

To request a link to view his tribunal hearing, email [email protected] and instructions will follow. However, Trozzi noted that during the last hearings hundreds of people were prevented from tuning in due to failed links. 

Trozzi has posted a video online that he said shows a “solution to some of the failed links and more info,” which can be found here. 

Michael Alexander, Trozzi’s lawyer, recently said that he remains confident that despite having a “biased” adjudicator, he will be able to “prove” that the CPSO has been proceeding against his client “without having the law or COVID-19 science on its side.” 

The final legal arguments will be taking place on July 17-18. After that, a judgment will be rendered.