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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) – In a recent speech, Dr. Robert Malone reflected on his experience fighting for COVID-related medical integrity across the world and how the tactics used to subvert his efforts, and those of his allies, are “globally harmonized,” indicating an orchestrated information “war” being deployed against the people of the world.

Malone was speaking to an enthusiastic crowd at a premier viewing of the film “Uninformed Consent” that was produced by Vaccine Choice Canada on October 8.

Reminiscing on his experience fighting what he and the Global Covid Summit called “a corrupt medical alliance” that has implemented “disastrous COVID-19 public health policies,” Malone recalled going to speak on early treatments to the Senate in Rome last year, and how the media attacks against him and his colleagues were the same as they had been receiving in the United States.

While they were attacked as “the dirty dozen” in the U.S., “in Italy, they attacked us as ‘the dirty dozen’ also in the press, but there was only 10 of us,” he explained. “And then they applied all the usual labels about ‘disinformation’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’ and all that stuff, even though [we] said nothing about vaccines.”

Then during what he called the “First International Congress in Rome,” which produced a declaration now reportedly endorsed by at least 17,000 physicians and medical scientists from all over the world, Malone said many of these physicians came together and “talked about heretical things like Vitamin D utilization and alternative treatments and ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.”

They all also discovered that “basically they’re having the same experience, they’re seeing the same things. And here’s the key: They’re also getting the same attacks,” he explained.

“And for me, that was the key thing that I observed in Italy … the strategies for attacking us are global, they’re globally harmonized,” observed the physician and biochemist.

“We all live in our own little niche. You guys are here in Canada, and you think that you’re seeing your version of reality, where in the United States the Americans all think [the same],” he said.

While in the U.S., Americans may believe these policies are coming from the Biden administration, and in Italy they likely perceive they are coming from the European Union bureaucracy in Brussels (or from the U.S. CIA), “the strategies, tactics and assaults, defamation, all of that is globally harmonized,” Malone said.

“And when you see that, you have to say to yourself, ‘Oh, this is way bigger than just what I’m experiencing. And it’s not about me personally. It’s about a war.’ I mean, we are in the middle of information and knowledge warfare like has never been deployed on the world. And that is really sobering,” he said.

Gender ideology also ‘being moved into the culture in a coordinated fashion globally’

In an interview with Bright Light News that took place at the same event, Malone said this global information warfare is not limited to COVID-19 health policies and the heavy promotion of dangerous experimental vaccines but extends also to attacking the population through the advancing of gender transition ideology as well.

“These [gender] agendas and this behavior, just like we saw with the vaccines, are being promoted globally,” he said, citing Canada, the U.S., Europe and South Africa where the methods of such promotion are the same including its teaching in the schools to young people.

“This is not by chance. This is not an organic thing that’s arisen from some local subculture,” he continued. “This is something that’s being moved into the culture in a coordinated fashion, globally.”

“And I don’t know what their agenda is [in doing this]. Is it to decrease population? Is it to fragment individuals? Is it to break up communities? I don’t know. I just know it’s wrong,” Malone said.

He lamented the targeting of children for gender surgeries, suggesting everyone should be able to recognize that “the boundary” for such physical mutilation “is children. It’s 18 and below,” as young people “are still forming their self-images.”

CIA created Moderna; Loss of faith in health systems, regulatory agencies, entire vaccine enterprise

The pioneer in the development of mRNA technology also explained how “the CIA through their development arm called DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,” picked up the mRNA technology patents he filed with others in the late 1980s, which had expired, and “created Moderna.”

“Moderna is a product of CIA investment,” through its investment fund arm, In-Q-Tel, he said.

Dr. Malone also explained what he perceived to be a positive potential for such biologicals, but consumers now “want nothing to do with it.”

“I think that by rushing the [mRNA] technology, the potential that it may have had has now been largely compromised because the world has seen that this has been irresponsible, that it is toxic, that the toxicities haven’t been addressed [or] hardly even identified or acknowledged.”

“They’ve probably destroyed the potential of the technology through their irresponsible development. And I think they’ve also now compromised people’s faith in the public health system, in regulatory affairs, and in the entire vaccine enterprise.”

‘We’ve got to hang together … or we are certainly going to hang separately’

Finally, having faced suspicions and allegations of his being “controlled opposition” from other leaders in the resistance movement, Malone identified this tendency of humans to turn against each other when such movements reach “a point of critical mass” as something that has often happened throughout history.

“And it’s extremely destructive and divisive,” he said. “There’s a very human tendency to be competitive and to get wrapped up in one’s own ego. And I’m seeing a lot of evidence of malignant egotism in some of these behaviors.”

In his speech, Malone summarized the point, saying, “We must stand together as a community. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to resist. Because what we’ve learned is that what we’ve just experienced over the last three years is just a tiny slice of what they’re planning to do to us.

“And if we’re going to be able to succeed, ‘we’ve got to hang together,’ as Benjamin Franklin said, ‘or we are certainly going to hang separately,’” he concluded.


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