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(LifeSiteNews) — Ontario’s pro-freedom Dr. Mark Trozzi has lost his license for exposing the truth of the COVID ‘pandemic’ and its vaccines. 

On January 25, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) Discipline Tribunal, led by registrar Dr. Nancy Whitmore, ruled to revoke Trozzi’s medical license as he refuses to stop speaking against the dangers of COVID vaccines and the corruption of the medical system. 

“In reaching its decision, the Tribunal rejected Supreme Court cases, dating from 1939, which hold that Canadians enjoy an absolute constitutional right to express minority opinions on any subject,” a press release from Trozzi’s legal representation, Litigation Works, read. 

“This allowed the Tribunal to rule that the College has a right to regulate the expression of its members in the name of the public interest,” it added.  

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In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Trozzi said that he was “surprised at the level of criminal negligence causing mass homicide that’s been committed by the CPSO.”

He explained that he “needed them to make this ruling because other doctors won’t go through what I just went through because it’s a rigged system.”

While Trozzi knows it was not necessary for him to fight his case in Ontario when he could be being celebrated in more conservative places such as Florida, he refuses to leave Ontario residents unprotected from the medical tyranny.

“I’m holding this down to fix things here because the citizens of Ontario are cut off from every nurse and every doctor who kept their head on and did the right thing,” he declared.

Trozzi explained that now he can take his case to the Ontario Divisional Court where he hopes the court will examine the science and not make their decision based on political motives. He is hopeful that this court will rule in his favour, especially considering the recent Federal Court ruling which found Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Act to end the 2022 Freedom Convoy was “not justified.”

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The decision to strip Trozzi of his license  came nearly two months after the initial meeting to discuss Trozzi’s case. According to the press release, the ruling relied heavily on a previous discipline hearing decision claiming that Trozzi had caused harm by spreading misinformation. The decision was made despite a lack of evidence that Trozzi’s statements had ever injured a patient or a member of the public. 

Furthermore, the tribunal rejected the 41-page report with 29 scientific references supporting Trozzi’s concerns over COVID vaccines. Notably, CPSO’s main expert witness, Dr. Andrew Gardam, admitted that he had never attempted to disprove Trozzi’s evidence. 

“Since Dr. Trozzi’s right to appeal to the Divisional Court is based on a statute, the Court will be required to employ the highest standard of review on all legal issues, and that standard is correctness,” Trozzi’s legal counsel Michael Alexander explained.  

“In other words, the Court will have to determine whether the Tribunal got the right answer on every key legal issue; and where it does not, the Court will be required to correct the Tribunal’s reasoning,” he added. “The College has never had to face a fundamental challenge to its authority on this basis.” 

Alexander seems hopeful that an appeal would be successful, saying, “On correctness review, it will be very hard for the College to justify its initial decision to investigate Dr. Trozzi.” 

“Under the legislation, the College must have reasonable and probable grounds, which is the criminal standard, for believing that a member has committed an offence before it can launch an investigation,” he continued.  

“However, in its orders, the College did not describe any evidence to support the probable belief that Dr. Trozzi had done something wrong, and even failed to cite a specific offence,” Alexander pointed out. “The appeal should succeed on this point alone.” 

In 2020, during the ‘pandemic’, Trozzi, an ER veteran of 25 years, noticed that the mainstream narrative surrounding the public health ‘emergency’ was deeply flawed. While media reported overflowing emergency rooms, Trozzi’s hospital remained relatively empty. This inspired him to research the science facts of COVID.  

In the interest of protecting not only his own patients but people everywhere, Dr. Trozzi promoted alternative COVID-19 treatments and publicly explained why the COVID shot is “not a vaccine.” 

In retaliation, Dr. Trozzi was barred from issuing medical exemptions for COVID-19 shots, masking requirements and testing in 2021. He was not alone: Ontario’s Dr. Rochagne Kilian was also similarly barred. 

At the time, CPSO said the interim orders were given in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act, which allow restrictions on a member’s license if a regulator believes a certain practice “exposes or is likely to expose patients to harm or injury.” 

The CPSO has cracked down on numerous physicians who failed to comply with standard protocol during the COVID outbreak. It has done this so assiduously that Dr. Robert Malone recently spoke out against what he described as the “re-education” of dissident Canadian doctors. 

The CPSO has thus far initiated legal action against Trozzi and at least five other doctors who are committed to their Hippocratic Oath responsibilities related to COVID: Mary O’Connor,  Rochangé Kilian, Celeste Jean Thirlwell,  Patrick Phillips,  and  Crystal Luchkiw. 

Donations, which are the only source of income for him and his family at this time, can be made via Dr. Trozzi’s website, 

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