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Dr. Evelyn Billings, world-renowned pioneer of natural fertility regulation, dies at 95

Thaddeus Baklinski

MELBOURNE, Australia, February 18, 2013 ( - Dr. Evelyn Billings, world-renowned pioneer of natural fertility regulation, died on February 16 at age 95 after a short illness.

"Dr. Lyn," as she was widely and lovingly known, developed the Ovulation Method of natural fertility regulation together with her husband, Dr. John Billings. Dr. John Billings died April 1, 2007, at the age of 89.

In 1978, the Billings founded the World Organization Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB), whose purpose was to help women to understand and manage their fertility naturally.

Dr. Lyn was the author of the best selling book The Billings Method, first published in 1980. Subsequently reprinted 16 times with seven new or revised editions and translated into 22 different languages, a completely revised edition was published in 2011.

For half a century the Billings traveled the world teaching and promoting their method in faithfulness to Pope Paul VI’s call to “men (and women) of science (and) physicians (to) be obedient to the Lord’s call and to act as faithful interpreters of His plan.”

In 2003, Pope John Paul II made Dr. Lyn a Dame Commander of St. Gregory the Great in recognition of the fiftieth anniversary of the Billings Ovulation Method. She was an active member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

She was recognized with Honorary Doctorates from universities around the world including an Honoris Causa Degree from Tor Vergata University in Rome in 2005.

In 2002, Drs. John and Evelyn Billings were jointly declared International Catholic Physicians of the Year by the International Catholic Federation of Medical Associations.

Joan Clements, Director of WOOMB International Ltd., noted that "couples in more than 100 countries bear testament to the wonderful work of this selfless woman and her husband."

Along with her husband, Dr. Lyn has been instrumental in bringing the Billings Ovulation Method to China, where it is now incorporated into the Chinese Government Family Planning Program as a method of choice by fertile couples. "In China alone," Clements observed, "where they trained thousands to teach their Method, a substantial drop in the abortion rate has been attributed to their work."

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She has received the Distinctive Contribution Award from the Consultation Committee of the Ministry of Health of China and has been appointed an Honorary Advisor to the Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing Family Planning Commissions.

Throughout her distinguished career Dr. Lyn has been the mother of a large and loving family, which she saw as her greatest achievement. She is survived by 8 of her 9 children, 39 grandchildren and 31 great grandchildren.

"We thank God for her life and work and for the privilege and joy of having known her, and we rejoice that she is now reunited with John to enjoy together their eternal reward," Clements concluded.

Funeral arrangements are yet to be announced.

The philosophy behind the Billings Ovulation Method encompasses more than an awareness of natural and morally acceptable fertility regulation, stating that "natural fertility regulation promotes the development of stable, happy, family life based on love and respect between the couple, love and respect for their fertility, and happiness in the intimate expression of the union of their lives in the physical sexual relationship."

Moreover, "Its purpose includes the acceptance of every human life, and a willingness to nurture and to educate the child into responsible citizenship within the community."

For more information on the Billings Ovulation Method visit the WOOMB International Ltd. website:

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