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(LifeSiteNews) – An Alberta high school will host a drag event on Wednesday.

The event, which will take place at Eastglen High School in northeast Edmonton, is part of the “Courage Across Canada Tour” by a troupe of female impersonators. It is meant as a “celebration of the resiliency of queer, trans and non-binary folks.”

The school has defended its participation by stating that the event is optional for students.

“Students interested in attending require parental permission,” the school told reporters from The Western Standard. “Parents of students who attend Eastglen can choose to opt their children out of the presentation.”

“The focus of the presentation is to share the barriers and challenges the presenters have overcome in a student-appropriate context,” the school claimed.

In Alberta, students typically begin high school at age 14.

According to their website, the drag queens intend to visit 10 different communities, hosting “educational” school shows by day and performing at local venues by night.

The tour, sponsored by Canada’s Ministry of Heritage, U.S. Communications, Air Canada, VIA Rail, and various other organizations and venues listed on the tour’s webpage, has met with opposition, and individuals have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express their outrage.

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Parents' Pledge: We will pull our children out of explicit sex-ed classes
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There are countless reasons to conclude modern sex-education is less about critical thinking and more about indoctrinating and sexualizing children at as young an age as possible.

Consider these 3 questions: 

  • Why are politicians around the world pushing radical transgender theories on children as young as 5? 
  • Why is the World Health Organization calling for 4 year-olds to be taught how to masturbate?
  • Why are children in schools being shown graphic images of sex and told anything goes so long as consent is established, if not to encourage our sons and daughters to become sexually active? 

A sane society would try to shield impressionable children from becoming sexualized, and encourage them not to watch pornography, take puberty blockers or mutilate their genitalia, but our schools increasingly promote these behaviors.

In reality, the media, most politicians, and many education chiefs are obliterating a parent's ability to protect their child's innocence and identity. 

We must realize: these elites want children to have THEIR values, not YOURS. SIGN THE PLEDGE!

The results of this explicit, inappropriate sex-saturated culture and education have been startling: there have never been more children claiming to be transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual, nor have we ever seen such high levels of sexual assaults by minors.

Countless politicians, media personalities and education chiefs are too busy promoting woke trends to realize that sexualizing minors amounts to grooming, and has devastating consequences in many cases.

Children whose inhibitions are broken down risk addiction to pornography, teenage pregnancy, STDs, gender dysphoria, online shaming, and a whole host of other negative outcomes. 

Parents, not the government, must be in control of what their child is taught about sex.

Just listen to the type of materials public schools in the U.S. are promoting: 

That's why we are asking you to sign the Parents' Pledge that you will pull your children out of sex-education classes if your school chooses to sexualize your child.

The Parents' Pledge is our best chance of winning back our children's schools before they're entirely lost to radical sex-obsessed teachers' unions who are foisting these curricula on teachers.

Do you really want other adults deciding what your child is exposed to? Of course not.

Please share this brand new grassroots Parents' Pledge with like-minded parents and join a growing movement of mothers and fathers who are wise to the threat of their child being led into sexual activity.



Most teachers are disturbed by their unions' push to sexualize children

Planned Parenthood tells middle-schoolers about avoiding parental consent for abortion and contraception

The corrupting influence of sex-education is causing widespread abuse among school children 

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“The Courage Across Canada tour will be at Eastglen School next month & Edmonton Public Schools says the drag queen show is optional for students,” tweeted an outraged Twitter user on February 2. “Why are drag queen shows being held at schools in the first place?”

“Absolute clown world,” tweeted another user.

“Question is: What is this need to push very Adult, very sexual content in front of Children,” asked one Facebook user in the “Let’s Talk Alberta Independence” Facebook group. “I don’t remember any parents EVER coming to school in lingerie and leopard print undies to tell us about or promote their sex life. Do what you want, but keep Adult only sexual things away from Children. They can decide when they are adults. Till then, let them be kids.”

“Get your kids out of the government run schools,” wrote another Facebook user.

The “Courage Across Canada” visit to Eastglen High School is not the only drag event to cause concern in Alberta recently. On January 24, protesters gathered a drag story hour for children hosted at the public library in Grande Prairie. The event was shut down after somebody pulled a fire alarm.

One of the Grande Prairie protesters, Elliot McDavid, told reporters from The Western Standard that he was protesting the event because “God made man and woman and the child should have a chance to find that out on their own.”

“They should be doing child-appropriate activities, and not have these adult-minded issues pushed on them,” he stated.