By Peter J. Smith

LAS VEGAS, March 1, 2010 ( – All is well that ends well. For pro-life advocates the healthy birth of ‘Baby Claire’ puts a fitting close to Las Vegas’ most dramatic pro-life rescue and gives further proof that a late-term abortion can successfully be reversed in some cases.

Several months ago, Jamie Stout, a young woman in her late twenties to early thirties who was addicted to drugs and unable to take care of a ten-year-old daughter, decided she would abort her 20-week-old unborn baby.

The late-term abortion – which takes between two to three days – was just underway when two pro-life crisis pregnancy counselors at First Choice clinic in Las Vegas were able to reach out to Jamie and convince her that she still had a window of opportunity to stop the death of her child. The pair was Executive Director Pam Caylor and neighbor and ultrasonographer Maria Cortopasso

After a dramatic five and a half hours, an Emergency Room doctor was finally able to remove all the laminaria sticks the abortionist had inserted into Jamie’s cervix for dilation and induced labor.

Despite the doctor’s fear that Jamie had a high chance of miscarrying, she gave birth fifteen weeks later to her baby Claire Stout, who was several weeks premature but healthy, weighing 5 pounds, 2 ounces and 18.5 inches tall.

Pam Caylor spoke with (LSN) about the rescue and birth of baby Claire, saying it was “amazing” to see the complete transformation of the family – Jamie, her mother, her father, and her other daughter. Caylor’s crisis pregnancy center, First Choice, serves about 400 new women each month, and has helped save over 7,000 babies in just the past five years, making it one of the busiest centers in the nation.

“It was amazing to see them all go from having the abortion done to within a few hours to rejoicing over this baby and this turn-around that God has brought to their life,” Caylor said, adding that they went from “not knowing when it is a baby” to seeing that life truly begins at conception.

“They are an amazing family,” continued Caylor. “The father said two days after the abortion was reversed, ‘Pam, this is nothing but the work of the Holy Spirit.'”

Caylor shared with LSN a quote from Jamie: “Thank you God for loving us! CLAIRE IS Beautiful! We promise to take good care of her. Love – The Stouts.”

The pregnancy counselor revealed that the Stouts originally did not have the money to afford the abortion, until the last minute when someone stepped forward to loan them the money: an event that the Stouts had thought looked like “God’s answer” and prompted them to go ahead with the abortion.

However Caylor said, “even that person kind of had a change of heart.”

A close relationship now exists between Jamie and the Stouts, and Caylor. In fact, Caylor was the second person Jamie called after Marina Cortopassi, to let her know her water broke.

“The baby is a gift from God and God’s intention with that baby is to turn things around,” she said. “Because when that mommy looks in that baby’s face or that daddy looks in that baby’s face, all of sudden they have a new lease on life, and they have a new responsibility, and they have a new motivation to get their life in order.”

Caylor said that it is clear that Jamie Stout has been given a new beginning: she is now completely clean off drugs and determined never to go back. “This baby is motivating her to turn her life around.”

Caylor discovered that late-term abortion could be reversed at a conference organized several years ago by the National Institute for Family Life Advocates (NIFLA) – a legal and medical umbrella company for crisis pregnancy centers. Caylor attended a medical workshop with her nurse, where a pro-life doctor gave testimony and showed a picture of a two year-old child whom he had saved by successfully reversing a late-term abortion.

In the meantime, however, she also learned that some clinics will also inject the baby’s heart with poison so that the baby is not born alive. In Jamie’s case, Caylor and Cortopassi were not sure whether that had been done. If baby was dead, Jamie would actually have had to go through the rest of the abortion.

The ER doctor obtained a portable ultrasound machine to make sure that the baby was still alive. Caylor described the ultrasound: “Baby’s looking up, baby rolls over, so we know there is a heartbeat, and then [the doctor] finds the heartbeat.”

“Jamie was the most amazing one through all of it, because she was the one who had the peace,” said Caylor. Although both the doctor and the attending nurse thought Jamie had a 75-85 percent chance of miscarrying, Caylor described Jamie as placing complete trust in God no matter the outcome, and happy that she stepped back. “And this is a girl who two and a half hours earlier was in the abortion clinic having this laminaria inserted in her for a 20 week baby.”

“She was like, I’m at peace, whatever happens, happens,” she continued, “and here I am going, ‘God did not let us go this far to have [losing the baby] happen.'”

Caylor said pro-life advocates should take away from baby Claire’s story that when it comes to reversing late-term abortion, “number one, know it’s possible; number two, get educated on it; number three, find doctors in your community who will intervene when that situation arises and will take the client.”

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