Editorial by John-Henry Westen
  September 30, 2008 ( – Sex sells, and advertising agencies know this better than anyone else. Their research into the subject has identified the areas of the female body which when exposed will lead men to sexual arousal.  There is a science to all this which is on display most obviously in television commercials. 
  A disciple of Freud, J.C. Flugel, tried to suggest that those “erogenous zones,” as he called them, fluctuated.  However, the typical body parts when exposed still cause sexual arousal.
  From somewhere between the elbow and the shoulder, from just below the knees and up, and from the collar bone down (front and back), and all places in between are the areas which would more properly be referred to as the permanent erogenous zones.  Exposure of these body parts, usually on young, slender attractive women, creates the desired sexual arousal which alters normal discernment and has been found to increase sales.
  With the science in hand it is possible for women to ascertain what to wear based on the desired outcome. The question then becomes whether women wish to dress to sexually arouse men or not or whether they realize that their dress is almost certain to do just that.
  Sexual arousal, however, is not usually on the minds of most women as they select their clothing. Dressing to be attractive, to be well liked, to be popular, to be beautiful, to be noticed, to be fashionable, ‘with it’ – these are the desires which normally drive the selection of apparel.
  There is also a problem of perception when it comes to selecting what to wear.  There is a common misperception around what men think when viewing scantily clad women.
  Many women hope that in dressing provocatively men will find them attractive and desirable, with a view to a lasting relationship.  In reality, however, few, if any, men view a scantily clad young woman walking down the street and gape after her with thoughts like, “What a beautiful girl, I wish I could marry her.”
  Rather, the thoughts of most, if they permit themselves the gaping, are too crude to put in print.  Typically these thoughts do not consider the woman as a person.  
  Decent or tasteful dress, as it is sometimes called, does not mean frumpy and unstylish as the folks at have made abundantly clear.
  Such dress, which covers up the erogenous zones, leaves intact one of the most authentically appealing aspects of womanhood – the mystery.  That mystery has its own compelling quality but one which is not given to usury as is provocative dress. 
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