By Hilary White

LONDON, March 12, 2008 ( – A bill that was being examined in the House of Lords that proposes to make it a crime to draw any connection between homosexuality and paedophilia, has been ruled unnecessary and dropped. An amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill sought to create a new offence of incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

The amendment was withdrawn after the Lords decided that current provisions of the hate crimes laws are sufficient. Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice, concluded, “When an allegation is considered to be threatening and with intent to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation, the existing rules would support a conviction that this renders the amendment unnecessary.”

Earl Ferrers described the amendment as, “rather alarming”. He said, “I find it frightening because you will end up with people being too frightened to say anything. To accept the amendment would be a retrograde step.”

Lord Monson said, “Is it not the case that as many boys as girls are victims of paedophiles, if not more so, and yet the overwhelming majority of those who perpetrate paedophile crimes are men?”

“Does this not suggest that there is a tendency among paedophiles towards homosexuality, compared with the proportion in the population as a whole?”

Defending the amendment, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Thomas of Gresford told the House, “We are concerned about the suggestion very frequently made by the British National Party and others that homosexuality and paedophilia are directly connected and that a person who is homosexual has a propensity to be a paedophile.”

Most of the research into homosexual behavior, however, shows a strong connection in the homosexual subculture with homosexual activity and paedophilia, as a simple glance through the personal classified advertisements in most homosexual magazines can show.

A short search through the Google internet search engine using the words, “gay”, “sex”  and “boys” reveals 2,900,000 hits with at least the first 550 websites being homosexual pornography featuring men having sex with young men, adolescents and boys.

A pro-gay website reporting on the connection between homosexuality and youth suicide, quoted studies that show that the preference of gay men for younger men and boys is a commonly accepted part of the homosexual “lifestyle” and is particularly accepted in Britain and Europe. 

Pierre J. Tremblay, a researcher and author of The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem, wrote a paper titled, “A Highly Neglected Issue: Boys Who Have Sex With Men”.

Tremblay wrote that the fact that many homosexual males start their sexual experiences as under age teens having encounters with older men, “is not a fact of life that ‘politically correct’ gay / lesbian community leaders have wanted to be known and some of them (maybe many) have worked to make sure such knowledge remains generally unknown (often by denials), or that it is not talked about (via censorship).”

Tremblay writes, “Some of their tactics to maintain this silence has also been quite vicious, even toward researchers who have dared to speak on this subject…” 
  A representative of Stonewall, Britain’s foremost homosexual activist organization, told the gay website, PinkNews, that the group has “no problem with people talking openly of their temperate religious views”, but he declined to specify what religious views the organization would accept as “temperate”.

Ben Summerskill, head of Stonewall, said, “Some of the language used in the debate in the Lords gives us a stark reminder of kind of the kind of homophobia that we still face.”