HOUSTON, TX, May 30, 2014 ( – Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson didn't hold back during a speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, telling a host of potential 2016 presidential candidates the party must maintain its stance in favor of life and against same-sex “marriage.”

The star told several GOP stars and possible presidential hopefuls – including Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, and Sarah Palin – they “can’t be right for America if you are wrong with God.”

Robertson harshly condemned abortion, calling it a “blight” on society, and racism. “There’s one race on this planet, and it’s called the human race,” he said. “Therefore you have no right to color-code anyone. We’re all the same family.”


“We're up against evil like I've never seen in my life” from the White House, Robertson said during a 40-minute speech that ended with a prayer. “I’m sitting there and I’m thinking, ‘What’s coming out of the White House?’” he said. “The only thing I can tell you folks is it’s just downright embarrassing.”

While the Thursday speech was not entirely serious – Robertson joked about the relationship he and his wife have — even humor was used to make a cultural or political point. The joke about his marriage led to a statement about importance of marriage, where Robertson said, “I will tell you something else. It is Biblical – one man and woman for life.”

He also told the GOP to be more compassionate to the party's loyal base, asking the party's politicians to consider “telling us, every once in a while, you love us?”

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He also joked that “the GOP may be more desperate than I thought to call somebody like me.” Robertson was a late addition to the speaker list.

Robertson's most important message was that “if we don’t turn to God at a pretty rapid clip, we’re going to lose the United States of America.” He emphasized this point shortly after his speech on Hannity, saying that “God loves you and sent Jesus to die for you.” He also said that “I would never judge or condemn anyone…I just give them the Good News.”

Speaking with Hannity, Robertson said that he thought the “spiritual battle” was more important than the political battles.