AMSTERDAM, August 23, 2004 ( – Despite being told only Thursday that they are not authorized to commit abortions in International waters, as their mandate prescribes, the Women on Waves abortion boat sailed for Portugal on Monday to do just that.  The floating abortuary offers first trimester chemical RU-486 abortions to women from countries where abortion is illegal. The boat’s visit to Poland last year and Ireland in 2001 sparked indignation from both countries. After taking on pregnant mothers, the boat sails for international waters – 12 miles from shore – and there fulfills its sinister undertaking.

Last week, the Dutch health ministry told Women on Waves they were not authorized to commit abortions on board unless they were within 25 km of the Amsterdam Slotervaartziekenhuis hospital. But, according to an AFP report, “the team on the ship can still hand out pills to end early pregnancies. Under Dutch law no licence is needed to carry out abortions in up to 45 days of pregnancy.”  After the boat’s visit to Poland last year, Lech Kowalewski, of the Polish Federation of Pro-life Movements, exhibited frustration at the media’s biased coverage explaining that Women on Waves “main goal was not to give access to abortion. It’s goal was to get access to the media.” Lech rebuked Women on Waves saying, “They want to trigger a propaganda campaign. They want to poison the minds of the people.”  Read related coverage:  No Abortions in International Waters for Dutch Abortion Boat, Court Rules   Dutch Abortion Boat Merely a Propaganda Machine Say Pro-Life Leaders