AMSTERDAM, July 28, 2005 ( – A Dutch aid group that claims to be Catholic is endorsing the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which include the promotion of abortion as a means to reduce world poverty. According to a Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) report, the group, Cordaid, has even won over several Dutch bishops, who are now supporting the MDGs as well.

C-FAM, drawing on information provided by Dutch Catholic journalist Jan Peeters, revealed that Cordaid, a “nominally Catholic organization” supports the Dutch government’s endorsement of the MDGs, which specifically criticize countries like the US that oppose abortion and who promote “the so-called ABC-method,” calling such actions “barrier(s) to the improvement of sexual and reproductive health.”

Peeters describes Cordaid as a “historically Catholic organization” that has a relationship with Holland’s bishops. Peeters said five of the seven Dutch bishops agreed to fly prominent white banners on their cathedrals July 1 in support of the MDGs – in time for the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. The Dutch Bishop’s Conference “strongly recommended all dioceses to follow this request,” according to C-FAM. The five-meter long banners “prominently” displayed the web address for the Dutch platform for the MDGs.

A Cordaid spokesman told Peeters that although they are not technically pro-abortion, they are “very much in favor of the rights of women with regard to sexual and reproductive health . . . We are in favor of full education in the field of family planning, birth reduction and the combat of AIDS.”

The spokesman, when asked how a “Catholic” organization like Cordaid could justify support for abortion rights, answered, “Participation in reaching these Millennium Development Goals is so crucial that we accept the fact that there may be elements in the statements with which we would deal differently in our practice.”