ROOSENDAAL, September 30, 2005 ( – Many Canadian MP’s, journalists and marriage defenders warned that the degradation of marriage in law would lead from the legitimizing of homosexual relationships to polygamy. They have been roundly ridiculed for it by supporters of the same-sex “marriage” legislation. Now, with predictable promptness, the Dutch have proved that the warnings have been on the mark.

A Dutch man and two women have been given a license for their three-way “marriage” by the government. Victor de Bruijn, 46, from Rosendaal, and his wife Bianca, 31, have signed a “co-habitation contract” with a woman, Mirjam Geven, who abandoned her marriage for the new arrangement.

The man claims that the arrangement is justified because there is no jealousy. “There is no jealousy because both women are bisexual. If they had been both hetero, it would be more difficult.” The arrangement was given government sanction after it was confirmed before a notary who duly registered it as a legal civil union.

An unnamed writer on the citizen journalist website, Spero News, dryly noted, “One wonders if in the Netherlands people can also legally enter into civil unions with lower creatures from the animal kingdom.”

The development would seem like a joke and a mere oddity if it were not for the fact that it was precisely this that was warned about in legislatures in Canada and the US from those opposed to the legal demolition of marriage. When the same-sex “marriage” bill was being debated in Canada’s Parliament, Liberal MP Tom Wappel warned that the next logical step was the legalization of polygamy.

“Those who argue in favour of polygamy will say, ‘How can we end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in marriage but continue to permit discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs in marriage?’” said Wappel.

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