Dutch Replace Maiden Name with “Birth Name” to Accommodate Homosexual “Marriage”

Fri Jul 18, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Jenna Murphy

AMSTERDAM, July 18, 2008, ( - The Dutch civil service announced on Wednesday that the term ‘maiden name’ is not an appropriate legal term given the 2001 legalization of gay marriage in the Netherlands, reports the pro-homosexual news website,

The traditional term for the last name of a woman prior to marriage is being officially replaced with the word ‘Geboortenaam,’ which translates as ‘birth name.’

The Dutch Language union decided that the use of the traditional term is an embarrassment for homosexual men who may wish to take the surname of their partner after getting "married."

The Netherlands is the home of many of Europe’s most dedicated proponents of homosexual "marriage," with a recent poll suggesting that 82% of the Dutch population approves of its having been legalized.

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