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47-year-old Jo Gittos may die in a Western Australia hospital without her children being able to see her because of COVID-19 restrictions.Twitter

(LifeSiteNews) — Due to Western Australia’s new so-called COVID measures, a terminally ill 47-year-old mother of five was informed that her children are not allowed to visit her in the hospital.

Despite her entire family being vaccinated against COVID-19, Jo Gittos was told that due to the state of Western Australia’s “red alert” restrictions for hospitals, her children and her mother will not be allowed to visit during what are likely her final weeks to live.

“I was told a month ago that [my wife living for another] three months was optimistic. That was a month ago, [and] the condition has deteriorated since then, and very quickly unfortunately,” Darren Gittos, Jo’s husband, told 10 News First Perth on Friday.

“Apparently they’re going to arrange an exemption for me so I can visit, but they won’t allow the kids to see their mum and they won’t let my wife’s mum see her either,” Gittos added.

While most nations have moved away from COVID restrictions in recent weeks and months, on Thursday March 3, Western Australia (WA) officials announced that all hospitals in the state would be going on “red alert,” meaning that only “essential” personnel or those with “exemptions” would be allowed to visit anyone in a hospital.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan told the public that he hopes the measures will only have to be in effect for one month, which Gittos said seems a bit “callous” as his wife likely does not “have a month” left to live, and his family is certainly not the only family in such a time-sensitive situation.

Australian doctor Mark Duncan-Smith reacted to the government’s decision to bar people from visiting sick or dying relatives in hospital as “bordering on bureaucratic absurdity,” especially considering under the current COVID restrictions in the state, people can still go to “nightclubs” and other entertainment venues.

Many Australians took to social media to slam the premier over what they deem to be a nonsensical and inhumane policy.

“I hope, with all my heart, that [Premier McGowan] rots in hell,” wrote prominent Australian sports agent Daniel Moldovan.

“Yeah nah. Dad/Family, go in with the kids. Don’t take no for an answer. I’m sure there is enough of us out there who will happily pay your ‘fine!'” added Australian former NBA player Andrew Bogut.

Contrary to the actions of the Australian state, a growing body of data continues to show that not only are lockdown-style policies ineffective at reducing the spread of COVID, such measures actually contributed and are continuing to contribute to poor health, and even death.

In April 2021, Simon Fraser University economics professor Douglas Allen published a study reviewing more than 80 research papers on lockdowns across the world, which concluded that while lockdowns saved 22,333 years’ worth of lost life they also caused 6.3 million years of lost life, making the policy’s net long-term harm 282 times worse than its benefits, thanks to the combined toll of canceled or delayed care for other medical issues, and the psychological harm of lost jobs and social isolation, among other factors.

In October 2021, another study by Marine Baudin, Jérémie Mercier, and Denis Rancourt attributed much of the U.S. COVID death toll to “persistent chronic psychological stress induced by the long-lasting government-imposed societal and economic transformations during the COVID-era [which] converted the existing societal (poverty), public-health (obesity) and hot-climate risk factors into deadly agents.”