SIOUX CITY, IA. April 18, 2005 ( – The Diocese of Sioux City announced Friday that that the much-publicized sale of what was purported to be a consecrated host on eBay has been withdrawn by the seller.

Monsignor Roger J. Augustine, administrator of the Diocese of Sioux City, met with the seller Friday and was advised that the sale would not be consummated. According to Msgr. Augustine, the seller deeply regretted the effort to sell the Eucharist and extended a personal apology to him, the Diocese and any others who had been offended by the eBay listing. Because the transaction never materialized, there was no money exchanged or received.

The Eucharist detailed in the eBay auction was given to Msgr. Augustine and has been properly disposed of according to the dictates of Catholic Church law. “As I said earlier this week, the Eucharist represents the true presence of Jesus Christ to Catholics,” said Msgr. Augustine. “I am most grateful that the seller agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest to bring this issue to a positive conclusion.”

The issue of the attempted sale of the Eucharist has attracted both national and international attention with e-mails and fax messages coming into the diocesan office from countless communities.

Although this specific issue has been resolved, the Diocese along with millions of Catholics throughout the world remain outraged with eBay and its policy governing the listing of items that are offensive to people of faith. eBay officials contend they see nothing offensive with the sale of such items on their website. Many Catholic organizations and individuals have taken issue with that policy and are making their opinions known to eBay officials.

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