QUITO, Ecuador, October 18, 2005, (—- Medical laboratories and government health officials who distribute the morning after pill have been named in a lawsuit brought against them by various pro-life groups in Ecuador.

Last year the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health ordered the removal of abortifacient “morning-after” pills from pharmacies on the grounds of a “prescribed fault” in its pricing. The decision came while pro-life leaders in the tiny South American country were working to have the pill banned completely.

At the time of the decision, Director of Health of the coastal province of the Guayas, Robert Blum, had said that the pill sold under the brand name, Prostinor 2, “does not have authorization to be sold.”

The pharmaceutical companies named in the law-suit are Galiafarma and Tecnofarm who distribute the pills Postinor 2 and Glanique, the commercial names for the abortifacient drugs. The lawsuit also notes that information regarding the abortifacient effect of the drugs in question has been omitted thus violating the public’s right to know.