By John-Henry Westen

March 9, 2009 ( – Of course the Vatican would back an excommunication for those involved in the abortion of the twins of the nine-year-old rape victim.

For the Church life is sacred. In addition to killing the unborn children, abortion hurts the women, and in this case, for the girl who undergoes the procedure, it has physical, psychological and spiritual consequences.

The poor girl already went through the trauma of rape, now they put her through the trauma of abortion.  Abortion was much more dangerous to her health than birth. If a pregnant woman’s life is in danger and the only treatment that could save the life of the mother will unintentionally cause the death of the child, then it is of course permissible. No one would say otherwise – not even the Catholic Church.

I’m against the death penalty, but if we are going to start killing someone in rape cases, why not start with the guilty rapist before the innocent child?