May 30, 2013 ( – El Salvador’s Constitutional Court, the nation’s highest tribunal for constitutional issues, has rejected a controversial motion to permit a woman, known anonymously to the press as “Beatriz,” to kill her unborn child.

Backed by pro-abortion lobbying groups such as the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Amnesty International, the motion had been filed by a local pro-abortion group on the grounds that Beatriz suffers from lupus, resulting in renal insufficiency and other medical problems.  Moreover, doctors claim that her child is anencephalic, a condition in which the brain and upper skull of the child do not develop completely, normally leading to death within the womb or shortly after birth.

Pro-abortion groups argued that the pregnancy put the mother's life at risk. The Constitutional Court, however, rejected these arguments, noting that “Beatriz” is not suffering ill effects from the pregnancy, and is receiving adequate care and monitoring from doctors to ensure her health.

According to a communique issued by the Court, government authorities have “given adequate medical assistance to Mrs. B.C., because they managed to stabilize her condition, offering treatment to control the exacerbation of her lupus that arose,” and therefore “injury to the right to health and life that has been alleged does not exist.”

The Court also makes it clear that it has been advised by Beatriz’s doctors that they themselves have not seen the need to carry out an abortion, despite being prepared to do so if they believed it were necessary.

“The authorities of the National Maternity Hospital have stated that they are constantly monitoring the state of health of the aforementioned woman – who currently is in stable condition – and that, in the case of a complication that puts her rights into imminent risk, they will carry out the actions that correspond from the medical point of view.”

The testimony offered to the court contradicts the claims of pro-abortion forces in El Salvador, which have claimed repeatedly and for weeks that Beatriz was in imminent danger of her life from the pregnancy.

The defeat of the effort to kill Beatriz’s unborn child was celebrated by local pro-lifers as a major blow to the international abortion lobby, which was seeking to use the situation as a “hard case” to legitimize the killing of the unborn.

Julia Regina de Cardenal of the El Salvadoran pro-life group “Yes to Life,” rejoiced that “the right to life and the truth won” in the case.

“For us it is an immense joy to give, again, an example to the whole world of the defense of the right to life of every human being, including the littlest ones, the poorest, most vulnerable and defenseless,” Regina told

“Those who have cruelly and inhumanely manipulated this poor girl to achieve the legalization of the abortion industry in El Salvador invented a series of lies that have been exposed and that have gravely compromised even public functionaries,” she added.

“Beatriz never needed an abortion. Beatriz has now gone through 26 weeks of gestation and the doctors who are attending her are clear that the law doesn’t impede them from intervening if she has some complication, just as they did in her previous pregnancy, when they did a Cesarean at 32 weeks.”

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