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'Sound of Freedom' producer Eduardo Verástegui meets El Salvadoran President Nayib BukeleX (Twitter) / @PresidenciaSV

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (LifeSiteNews) — The pro-life president of El Salvador screened the hit movie Sound of Freedom at the Presidential Theater for more than 1,500 people this weekend, including his cabinet and members of the Legislative Assembly. He also pledged to fight child trafficking.

On Friday, Nayib Bukele sat down with Eduardo Verástegui, the film’s producer, and Neal Stoker Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, the film’s distributor.

Following their meeting, Bukele signed a Letter of Intent with Verástegui’s Viva México Movement promising to help eradicate child slavery. In doing so, El Salvador became the first country to commit to the pledge, which directs government bodies and public institutions to collaborate in their efforts.

Since its U.S. premier on July 4, Sound of Freedom has grossed over $125 million dollars. Scores of mainstream media outlets have attempted to dissuade the public from seeing it by accusing it of promoting “conspiracy theories.” Thus far, people have not listened. It is set for release across more than a dozen Latin American countries on August 31.

Bukele, 41, has come under fire from Western news organizations in recent months, despite touting a 90 percent approval rating as well as overseeing a historic drop in crime. A growing number of outlets have labeled him an “autocrat” who is a “threat to democracy.” But Bukele’s supporters argue that his anti-woke, “El Salvador First” policies are simply common sense measures that are improving the everyday lives of his citizens. He is up for re-election in 2024.

Verástegui praised Bukele for not only being the first sitting president in the world to screen the movie (former U.S. President Donald Trump held a showing at his Mar-a-Lago estate earlier this month) but for promising to help end child trafficking.

“You, Mr. President, are a benchmark in the world. I have traveled to London and the theme of El Salvador always resonates. I congratulate you because the worldwide image that this country has is admirable. This is not free, this is earned with deeds, deeds not words,” he said.

Bukele praised his wife for her efforts to protect children as well as Verástegui and Angel Studios for shining a light on the issue.

“The problem that the film addresses is a topic that is rarely talked about, some are afraid to talk about it,” he said during the press conference. “It is important that the message reaches the whole world so that there are solutions and reforms to be able to eradicate child trafficking.”

Earlier this month, Verástegui sat down with LifeSite’s Doug Mainwaring to discuss the movie. He asked viewers to pray for him, as he is currently considering a run for president of Mexico.

To purchase tickets to Sound of Freedom for yourself, your family, or others, click here. A whopping 13 million have already been sold worldwide.


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