By Steve Jalsevac

January 9, 2006 ( – Canada’s National Pro-Life Organization has just placed its Election 2006 web page on line at There are still finishing touches to be completed over the next few days.

The web page most importantly includes a candidate evaluations database regarding the candidates’ stands and comments on the life and marriage issues and the voting record of incumbent MPs. This will be updated daily as more questionnaires and other candidate information comes into Campaign Life Coalition’s election headquarters.

The web page also includes numerous articles on aspects such as the party leaders, the parties, the life and marriage issues, relevant, The Interim and CLC National News stories, the CLC questionnaire, links to other Canadian life and family organization websites and to major media elections websites and official party websites…and more.

Campaign Life Coalition is encouraging voters to check out the candidates database to see if their candidates have responded to the questionnaire. If some candidates have not responded CLC strongly urges readers to contact them to insist they send in a completed questionnaire to satisfy voters’ democratic right to know the candidates’ views on these issues so crucial to many voters.