TORONTO, January 30, 2006 ( – The Canadian national pro-life organization, Campaign Life Coalition, has updated it online election 2006 candidates database to reflect the results of last week’s election.

The number of votes received by each of the major candidates and the winning candidates’ party, name and votes are all highlighted in red.

As well, pro-life, pro-family MP Votes and responses by candidates to the CLC questionnaire are easier to quickly identify now as they all have a * before suggest correct Yes’s and No’s. A *Y or *N is a correct vote or answer.

All of this information is intended to help pro-life, pro-family Canadians realize the current positions of their newly elected MPs on the life and family issues and to respond accordingly to that reality in their communications with the MPs. The information also sets the stage for pro-life, pro-family efforts in the next federal election which is expected to occur in perhaps only 2 years or less.

Campaign Life Coalition and The Interim newspaper are currently finalizing post-election analysis and other articles which will be reported on

See the updated Election 2006 web page at