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FAIRFAX, Virginia, June 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A school board in an elite suburb of Washington, DC attracted national attention when it was disclosed that it intended to remove “Clergy” from its list of trusted adults.

A parental uproar ensued in Virginia’s Fairfax County when Catholic Bishop Michael Burbidge penned a letter to the editor of a local paper, saying, “What a great insult to our clergy who give their lives in service to God’s people, to God’s young people (helping) them to do what is good and right.”

The school board relented on that one point, but went ahead and voted to enact other controversial changes to its students’ Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum.  

“The list of changes reads like a page out of the gay rights agenda, so thoroughly out of touch with reality are they,” said Catholic League President, Bill Donahue, in an editorial.  He called the changes, “deeply disturbing.”

“The Advisory Committee sets anchor with the gay rights agenda by denying human nature,” continued Donahue.  “It says individual identity will be described as ‘sex assigned at birth, gender identity (includes transgender), gender role, and sexual orientation (includes heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual).’”

“Currently, students in the Fairfax County school district learn that abstinence is the one and only 100 percent effective method of preventing sexually transmitted diseases,” said the Catholic League President.  “The proposed change says abstinence is the ‘most effective’ method. There is no new scientific research that merits the change. Indeed, it is being done for purely ideological reasons: to conform to the gay agenda, the Advisory Committee wants to include drugs alongside abstinence.”

Donahue gave as an example the school board’s intention to teach about PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a drug regimen designed for use by those who are engaged in risky sexual behaviors.  PrEP is used primarily by gay men who engage in sodomy. Yet as Donahue notes, “there no mention of the dangers of anal sex in this document.”

“Last night was a truly bizarre experience,” said Austin Ruse, author and President of The Center for Family and Human Rights, C-Fam, who is also an area resident.  “The conservatives cited scientific evidence all night long and the radicals literally cried and evoked God and Jesus.” 

“In the end, none of it mattered,” continued Ruse.  “The board's decision was preordained. And what they have done is to impose pure ideology on the kids of Fairfax County.” 

Deconstructing the school board’s new orthodoxy, Ruse said, “Sex is not inborn and immutable but gender is. Kids should use a gay sex drug called PrEP. And abstinence is merely being monogamous until your next sex partner comes along. Truly crazy and all done without input from parents, or with parental permission.”

“It is truly regrettable that a public school curriculum would deny scientific truth, the reality of how we are made,” continued Bishop Burbidge in his letter to the Fairfax County Times. “As a society, we must never forget the dignity of the human person, the true meaning of human sexuality, how God created us and taught us to live.”

What happened in Fairfax County, warned Donaghue, “may happen elsewhere.”