Elizabeth Warren: It’s ‘cruel’ to tell boys they can’t compete in girls’ sports

'Trans athletes are not a threat.'
Mon Feb 24, 2020 - 2:12 pm EST
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February 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Massachusetts Senator and Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has urged Arizona lawmakers to reject a bill that would protect schoolgirls being forced to compete in sports with boys who claim to be girls.

Warren took to Twitter to describe Arizona House Bill 2706 as “cruel,” saying: “Trans athletes are not a threat. We need to protect trans kids—and all LGBTQ+ kids—and ensure they feel safe and welcomed at school. I urge the Arizona legislature to reject this cruel bill.”

The law would require that public and private schools, including community colleges and universities, categorize sports as either co-educational, male, or female – based on the legal definition of “biological sex.” Teams or sports categorized as “female” would not allow “students of the male sex” to participate.

Rep. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, who put forward the bill, said: “Female student-athletes should not be forced to compete in a sport against biological males, who possess inherent physiological advantages. When this is allowed, it discourages female participation in athletics and, worse, it can result in women and girls being denied crucial educational and financial opportunities.” 

Writing at The Post Millenial, Libby Emmons, a self-described feminist journalist, questioned Warren’s assertion that “trans athletes are not a threat” by pointing out that “male bodied persons who compete in women’s rugby are so dangerous that referees were quitting the sport rather than watch the women’s injuries mount.” 

Emmons noted that “across the country, states are finding that they need to deal in some way with the de facto elimination of girls’ sports” with similar bills being proposed in Kentucky, Alabama, Idaho, and Missouri.

Beth Stelzer of Save Women’s Sports told The Post Millennial that her organization fully supports the Arizona bill.  

“Warren is clearly ignoring the needs and feelings of females in favour of propagating the transgender ideology. This bill is not cruel, it is fair,” Stelzer said.

Warren, who currently places fourth in the field according to RealClearPolitics’ national average, has made a series of promises on “trans” and gender identity issues in recent weeks. She has promised that, should she become President, she will ask a “trans child” to approve her selection for Secretary of Education and will include “gender non-binary” individuals in her White House cabinet. She has also called for gender-confused male inmates to be placed with women in prisons

Warren also displays her “preferred pronouns” on social media as a show of solidarity with transgender activists and has vowed to wear a Planned Parenthood scarf to her inauguration if elected.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently savaged Warren’s campaign saying that when it was over it will be remembered as having “died by wokeness.”

PETITION: Biological males don't belong in girls' sports - #IStandWithSelina Sign the petition here.

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