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Tesla and SpaceX's CEO Elon Musk pauses during an in-conversation event with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at Lancaster House on November 2, 2023, in London, England.Photo by Kirsty Wigglesworth - WPA Pool/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) – Billionaire X owner Elon Musk called out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for trying to delay an election in Canada as long as possible.

“High time this happened! The current administration in Canada is desperately trying to delay an election as long as possible,” Musk wrote on X (formerly Twitter) late Tuesday in response to a post showing the Trudeau Liberals were polling in third place.

The X account @EndWokeness posted a now-viral video of the Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre eating an apple while trouncing a legacy media reporter in an interview.

“Trudeau and his Liberal Party have fallen to THIRD PLACE, with 39 seats. In first place with a commanding 182-seat projected lead is Pierre Poilievre and his Conservative Party. A national election poll also shows Pierre demolishing with a landslide 25% lead. Canada is on track for a HUGE upgrade,” @EndWokeness posted Tuesday.

While some polls in early March did indeed show the Trudeau Liberals in third, the most recent Nanos poll from March 22 shows the Conservatives with a commanding lead, with a projection to win about 200 seats. The Liberals would lose 91 seats to come in second, and the separatist Bloc Quebecois would come in third at 44 seats, a gain of 12.

Last week, LifeSiteNews reported that the Trudeau Liberals are looking to delay the 2025 federal election by a few extra days in what many see as a stunt to try and to secure pensions for MPs who are projected to lose their seats.

Approximately 80 MPs would qualify for their pensions should they sit as MPs until at least October 27, 2025, which is the newly proposed election date. The election date as it stands now is set to happen on October 20, 2025.

A recent poll found that 70% of Canadians believe the country is “broken” as Trudeau focuses on less important issues that matter to families who are struggling with high inflation. In January, most Canadians reported that they’re worse off financially since Trudeau took office.

Additionally, a January poll showed that 46% of Canadians expressed a desire for the federal election to take place sooner rather than the latest mandated date in the fall of 2025.

Recent polls show that the scandal-plagued government has sent the Liberals into a nosedive with no end in sight. Per a recent LifeSiteNews report, according to polls, in a Canadian federal election held today, Conservatives under Poilievre would win a majority in the House of Commons over Trudeau’s Liberals.