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(LifeSiteNews) — Elon Musk has blasted leftist billionaire George Soros, saying in a recent interview with podcaster Joe Rogan that the mega-donor “fundamentally hates humanity.” 

“In my opinion, he [Soros] fundamentally hates humanity,” Musk told Rogan in a podcast episode aired on October 31. “He is doing things that erode the fabric of civilization.” 

As an example of Soros’ misdeeds, Musk named the funding of the infamous “Soros DAs” [district attorneys]. 

“Getting DAs elected who refuse to prosecute crime; that’s part of the problem in San Francisco and L.A. and a bunch of other cities,” the tech mogul stated. 

“He is, I believe, the top contributor to the Democratic Party,” Musk said. According to, Soros was the largest donor to the Democratic Party regarding federal contributions in 2022. 

Musk explained that Soros is “very smart” when using funds to achieve his goals. 

“Famously, he shorted the British Pound; that’s sort of how I think he made his first money,” he said. “He is good at spotting…value for money other people don’t see.” 

Musk noted that this ability to spot good “value for money” opportunities is why Soros invests so heavily in local elections. 

“One of the things he noticed was that the value for money in local races is much higher than it is in national races,” he said. 

“The lowest value for money is a presidential race. The next lowest value for money is a Senate race, then a Congress,” Musk continued. “And once you get to city and state district attorneys, the value for money is extremely good.” 

In this manner, Soros has influenced the application of the law without having to change the rules on the books, Musk argued. 

“Soros realized that you don’t actually need to change the laws; you just need to change how they are enforced.” 

“If nobody chooses to enforce the laws, or the laws are differentially enforced, then it’s like changing the laws,” he stated. 

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Woke “mind virus” infecting the world 

In another part of the interview, Rogan asked Musk why he decided to buy Twitter/X one year ago. The tech billionaire said that he thought the “old Twitter” was having “a corrosive effect on civilization.” 

Musk stated that the “old Twitter,” meaning the company before he acquired it, was “basically an arm of the government” and “fundamentally controlled by the far left.” 

He said that part of the reason why Twitter was leaning so far to the left was the company’s location in San Francisco, one of the most “far left” cities in the United States. 

“… I think San Francisco is a beautiful city, and we should really fight hard to… right the ship of San Francisco. If you walk around downtown San Francisco, right near the X/Twitter headquarters, it’s a zombie apocalypse,” Musk stated. 

He said that one must ask, “What philosophy led to that outcome?” 

Musk described this philosophy as a “mind virus” (he has previously referred to it as the “woke mind virus”). 

“That philosophy was being piped to Earth,” he said. “A philosophy that would be ordinarily quite niche and geographically constrained, so that … the fallout area would be limited, was effectively given an information weapon, an information technology weapon to propagate what is essentially a mind virus to the rest of Earth. And the outcome of that mind virus is very clear if you walk around the streets of downtown San Francisco. It is the end of civilization.” 

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Leftist death cult is “propagating the extinction of humanity” 

Rogan referred to the “woke” philosophy as a “death cult,” to which Musk replied, “That is exactly right.” 

Musk called the leftist ideologues “extinctionists” who are “propagating the extinction of humanity.” 

The billionaire said that this propaganda is mostly “implicit” but “sometimes it’s explicit,” like in the case of an activist featured on a New York Times title page who wished for the human population to be reduced to zero. 

“That death cult was in charge of social media and still largely is at Google and Facebook,” Musk stated. 

“I’m not in favor of human extinction; they are, and they can go to hell,” he declared. 

Musk warned that “if you take environmentalism to an extreme, you start to view humanity as a plague on the surface of the earth.” 

“But this is actually false,” he asserted. “Earth could take probably ten times the current civilization.” 

“If you start thinking humans are bad, then the natural conclusion is humans should die out.” 

The tech mogul furthermore warned that if AI models are programmed by “the extinctionists, its utility function will be the extinction of humanity.” 

“The environmental movement, and I’m an environmentalist, has gone too far; they’ve gone way too far,” Musk concluded. 

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