July 19, 2012 ( – Elton John said in an interview this week that it will be “heartbreaking” for his son to grow up without a mom.

Elton and his homosexual partner David Furnish got ‘married’ in 2005, and, after trying unsuccessfully to adopt a child in Ukraine, arranged for a boy child, Zachary, to be born to a surrogate mother in 2010.

John admitted to Matt Lauer on NBC Today, “It’s going to be heartbreaking for him to grow up and realise he hasn’t got a mummy.”

John said he is also worried about when Zachary goes to preschool and other children ask him why he doesn’t have a mom. He said that he and Furnish would like to have another child so Zachary doesn’t have go through it alone.

Gwen Landolt of REAL Women of Canada told LifeSiteNews: “If he’s concerned about it then why on earth is he adopting the child knowing the child is going to have a difficult life with much more complications than a child” with heterosexual parents?

Interestingly when similar observations to John’s are made by non-homosexuals they are often met by overt hostility. 

Earlier this year a 14-year-old girl received death threats after she told Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, “I really feel bad for the kids who have two parents of the same gender. Even though some kids think it’s fine, they have no idea what kind of wonderful experiences they miss out on.” She spoke to the Committee asking them to vote ‘no’ to a gay marriage proposal.

Several studies on homosexual parenting have concluded that there are no ill effects to a child with homosexual parents. However, according to a report published in 2005 by HazteOir, Spanish Forum for the Family, and the Institute for Family Policy, most of these studies have been done by homosexual activists, using small selective populations and reports from parents instead of children.

The report, entitled “Report on Infantile Development in Same-Sex Couples”, contradicts the other studies. It says that among children raised by same-sex couples there are significant increases in low self-esteem, stress, sexual identity confusion, an increase in mental illness, drug use, promiscuity, STD’s, and homosexual behaviour.

A new study on homosexual parenting, by University of Texas professor Mark Regnerus, was published this month in Social Science Research. It has been hailed as a ‘gold standard’ study because of its use of a large, random sample with responses from children instead of parents. Areas Regnerus examined include rates of employment, voting, suicide, fidelity in relationships, and sexual abuse. The study’s findings show that children with heterosexual parents fare better, in a number of areas than those with homosexual parents.

For the findings of his research Regenerus has been subject to complaints by homosexual activists and is now under investigation by the University of Texas.

Landolt says parenting by homosexual couples is “looking to the so-called rights of the adult not the best interests of the child. A child needs a mother and a father and that’s the only way they can learn about the gender differences in which the whole world functions.”