The Stop HHS rallies in the United States exceeded all expectations today. We have two exciting stories, by Kathleen Gilbert and Ben Johnson covering this powerful new movement against the Obama tyranny.

In Canada another rally and movement against another genuine tyrant, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, is growing – also involving many youth.

You have to read the comments from some of our supporters. I am really touched by them. We get these all the time. Humbling and encouraging.

Also, if you have not yet read Please help us write the hard stories, I really encourage you to do so. Ignore the fundraising parts. The important part is that John-Henry’s article reveals why we do what we do.

Just to clarify, our report yesterday on the LA Religious Education Congress was in no way meant to dump on new LA Archbishop Gomez. That giant conference is a legacy of the previous Cardinal Mahony administration. Gomez will need all the help he can get in heaven and on earth to turn that massive diocese around. Pray for him.

Matthew Hoffman’s interview with Rabbi Yehuda Levin is an exceptional report. A must read for everyone to better understand why we are in the state that we are. Levin is a wonderful and very courageous man. Listen to him.

Have a great weekend. Please send a donation if you can. We are still $44,000 short.

Steve Jalsevac