Chen Guangcheng story explosion; fanatical Ontario premier

The explosion of Chen Guangcheng story; Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (a Catholic) becoming an increasingly irrational gay rights activist.
Wed May 2, 2012 - 8:34 pm EST

The Chen Guangcheng story exploded this week. This heroic blind man has caused an international political crisis by putting a spotlight to be put on both the Chinese and Obama governments for their atrocious negligence regarding China’s vicious forced abortion and sterilization programs.  Get as many friends as possible to Like the Free Chen Guangcheng Facebook page NOW!  This is the time above all for worldwide action.

In Canada, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (a Catholic) seems to have become an increasingly irrational gay rights activist, willing now to go beyond normal political limits to ram through his totalitarian education policies on all Ontario citizens.

Why is the Ontario Premier so fanatically committed to this deeply corrupting ideology when there are serious, legitimate needs in his nearly bankrupt province? Many are also asking why the Catholic bishops and other religious leaders have been so shockingly and consistently absent from the public debates on the issue, or even thinking that they can quietly negotiate with these deceitful totalitarians? We are in very, very strange times.

Steve Jalsevac

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