Steve Jalsevac


World’s first legalization of abortion in Soviet Russia by decree 19 November 1920

Steve Jalsevac

It is well worth often reminding ourselves of this statement in our story today about the Russian Orthodox spokesman:

“One individual held a sign noting the link between communism and abortion: “Lenin - Infanticide number one. World’s first abortion was legalized in Soviet Russia by decree 19 November 1920.”

Yes, that is where it all started, in newly Communist Russia. We have now and then reminded our readers of this fact over the years. And at the same time the Communists initiated campaigns to destroy the family and all traditional sexual morality. It is well known that later Communist agents infiltrated many Western organizations and even churches, especially from the 50s onwards, with one purpose being to encourage the acceptance and practice of sexual immorality. They knew that would eventually destabilize and weaken the West - another key to today’s inexplicable, self destructive social behaviour and growing hatred of those with traditional principles.

Steve Jalsevac

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