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Website slowdown explained, Nellie Gray stories a must read.

Steve Jalsevac

LifeSiteNews has been experiencing a huge slowdown of our website since the story Twenty weeks pregnant with twins, but last week she had an abortion was published. (another story that has made it to Drudge Wednesday at noon is adding to the traffic problem.) The traffic volume has been too much for the server. Our webmaster has been working on it all day. Things are much better now. Our apologies. In a couple of weeks we are moving LifeSiteNews to yet another, but far more powerful than ever server. That should finally make these traffic spike server crashes a thing of the past.

Not having Nellie Gray at future Marches for Life in Washington will be a strange experience. In many ways she WAS the March for Life. At the same time there was no personal ambition or ego whatever in her that I could ever tell regarding all that she had accomplished.

I remember so often calling the March for Life office and it would be Nellie who answered the phone. She was at ease and totally natural with anyone, from the president of the United States to the most ordinary pro-lifer.

Nellie was personal commitment personified. She was an always consistent, no nonsense advocate of “no exceptions, no compromise” when it came to the lives of the preborn. But she was also respectful of all pro-lifers and dedicated to fostering unity in the movement.

I was with Nellie and other pro-lifers at a meeting in Washington just a month ago. She did her best to attend all such meetings, even the one right after she fell and injured herself on the March for Life stage. She arrived bandaged up and bruised and did not think anything at all unusual about being at the meeting.

Nellie Gray was an exceptional warrior for life - totally genuine. We should all thank God for the gift of her life and her dedication. Please read the four stories about Nellie Gray. I think they are necessary reading. Check out some of the photographs I was privileged to take of Nellie over the past few years in one of the stories. I am going to really miss that wonderful woman as will very many others.

Steve Jalsevac

Nellie Gray’s last email to me - Fr. Frank Pavone

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