Steve Jalsevac


Pope’s order a real big deal; Damian Goddard video has a lesson for culture warriors

Steve Jalsevac

Pope Benedict’s order on Saturday regarding the Catholicity of Catholic charities is a very big development. These charities, the largest run by bishops’ conferences, donate at least a few billion dollars every year to organizations and people around the world.

Unfortunately, as revealed in numerous LifeSiteNews reports and by American Life League and some others, a large portion of those funds have for decades been going to practical opponents of Church moral and other teachings. That is, many are pro-abortion and more, internationally undermining not only Church principles, but also the cause of life and family supported by people of many faiths.

The Pope has proclaimed in a strong way that all the world’s bishops have a duty to stop this. Catholics should urge their bishops to follow through and do whatever needs to be done to halt these many scandals of abuse of Catholic donations and trust.

Check out sportscaster Damian Goddard’s great video presentation on how a winning Canadian football team provides a lesson on what we need to win the culture war. It’s excellent, and for anyone, sports-minded or not.

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