A special treat for you today is Hilary White’s, “How a fire was lit within me”, her unique personal story about how she became involved in pro-life work and LifeSiteNews. Enjoy.

The report about the Kerala, India government proposed law to severely penalize parents who have more than 2 children is especially alarming to us. In the brief video about our Mexico talks a few weeks ago I tell only part of the story of our involvement in that issue. When John-Henry and I went to India a few years ago we noticed the dangerous well below replacement and still declining birth rate in the Catholic and Hindu communities in the state.

We both talked to Cardinal Varkey, head of the dominant Syro-Malabar Catholic rite at the time and urged him to encourage the Catholic people to consider having more children or they would disappear in a few generations. He strongly agreed with our conclusions about the situation and had already come to the same conclusions himself. Very soon after our visits he did the action. One of the things we had left him was a few copies of our document The Inherent Racism of Population Control, to help him convince the people that their state was not overpopulated and the people were being manipulated by selfish western agencies and governments.

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