With one day to go in our Fall Campaign we are now almost 1/2 way to our necessary goal. Thank you to the large number of people who have donated since yesterday’s letter was published! Please keep it coming.

The Julia Holcomb video interview has really taken off. Many people have watched Part 1 of the video but haven’t yet gotten around to the even more revealing Part II and inspiring Part III. Don’t miss them. Then you too will go “Wow!” as one reader did.

Michael O’Brien’s talk at the LifeSiteNews annual staff meeting was about as deep and awesome as we have heard. Michael is one of a growing list of, shall we say, prophets, who are desperately trying to alert the Christian nations that we are in “a war” of immense implications and dangers. He explains the role of LifeSiteNews perhaps better than anyone else. Read and ponder.

The re-election of the incumbent Ontario Liberal Party has become an increasingly scary prospect for families and children. Ontario children are threatened with various forms of sexual assault through unbridled and forced indoctrination to accept and participate in all forms of sexual perversity. And the natural guardians and leaders are so far still asleep or somehow implicated in these crimes against humanity.

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Steve Jalsevac