No doubt many of you are getting tired of our on-going reports on the US Catholic CCHD and the Canadian bishops’ D&P organization (and here). Progress towards a resolution of the scandals has been agonizingly slow – although things have been improving but especially with the CCHD which has dialogued and responded far better to revelations than has D&P. We, too, are tiring of being engaged in draining and stressful research and reporting related to these situations.

However, continue and persevere we must, until the newsworthy stories of millions of dollars of Catholic money being given to numerous anti-life, anti-family and in some cases even anti-Christian groups finally ends.

The growing hostility of some supporters of these groups, but especially D&P, has revealed that there is much more to these stories than we ever realized in the beginning. The culture that has existed for decades around these multi-million dollar Catholic related organizations now appears to have been deeply related to the unexplainable weak Church institutional support for the pro-life and other moral issues struggles for decades. This is the culture war within the Church. If it can finally be fully resolved, Catholic Church institutions and more leaders will finally be freer to strongly preach and act to restore a culture of life and family. What a powerful force that would be! There is now a dire need for this.

Steve Jalsevac