Be sure to read Kathleen Gilbert’s encouraging special report on the 12th annual conference of the Center for Ethics and Culture (CEC) which she attended last week at Notre Dame. As Kathleen reports, “this conference forms an intellectual catalyst for advancing the culture of life virtually unparalleled at any other university in America.” This is a must read.

We received a wonderful letter to the editor today in response to Thursday’s story on Erica Vandiver.

Cardinal Burke should always be listened to. His talk in Rockford, Illinois reflects many of the same crucial themes LifeSiteNews emphasizes as necessary to restore a Culture of Life. This courageous prelate says some hard things, but they have to be said, over and over, until the people and many religious leaders finally understand the dangers we are in and what must be done about them. Burke is not popular among many of his fellow bishops (even despised by some) because he challenges them to address difficult issues they would rather not face or do anything about. Pray for him.

Porn is a giant scourge of modern civilization as today’s story reveals. Many, many people need help to escape this addiction. There is help. I think we have to get back to accepting the need for certain types of censorship (and not just of child porn, because by then the addiction has reached a far more difficult stage to treat). There are severe penalties for environmental pollution, but hardly anything for this far worse pollution of souls, conscience and family life. It causes major social damage and fuels a giant, essentially criminal international industry that preys upon the vulnerable. It’s time for a revolt.

Have a great weekend.

Steve Jalsevac