Today’s LifeSiteNews blog post:
Canada’s mainstream pro-aborts running scared – Patrick B. Craine

A wide mix of stories today on the culture wars. Be sure to read another great article from former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abby Johnson, this time about her new effort to reach out to clinic workers. Wonderful news!

The Pope is not intimidated by the howling reactions to his past statements on AIDS . Today we report him once again telling it as he must – “‘above all it is an ethical problem’ requiring ‘change of behaviour’. The AIDS establishment and gay activists are still far from admitting this obvious fact that, once accepted, will save many lives and much suffering.

I met and took part in a lengthy discussion this morning with Damian Goddard, the TV sportscaster fired for a tweet supporting hockey agent Todd Reynold’s tweet defending true marriage. Damian is impressive. He is fearlessly on fire for the truth and so naturally convincing and articulate about the issue that he has became the spokesman for the U.S.-based Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance.  If you heard Damian as I did today, I have no doubt you would be as uplifted. Dynamic, young new recruits to the culture wars such as Damian are going to bring about big changes.

Steve Jalsevac