Embryo Rights Case Filed Against California Embryonic Stem Cell Initiative

RIVERSIDE, June 15, 2005 ( - The California embryonic stem cell initiative which passed with the backing of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has come under fire by a new lawsuit filed on behalf of California’s embryonic children. The National Association for the Advancement of Preborn Children (NAAPC) has launched the lawsuit against the measure which would provide $3 billion in public funds to embryo-destructive research noting that it violates the constitutional rights of embryonic children.

Martin Palmer a lawyer and the founder of NAAPC told that the case was filed in the name of Mary ‘Scott’ Doe a frozen embryo in the state of California and all those in her position. Asked about the addition of the middle name ‘Scott’ in the name, Palmer said it is “reminiscent of Dred Scott case in which the US Supreme Court decided that the black man was not person but property.”

NAAPC suggests that the Supreme Court has never ruled in the area since the famed Roe v Wade decision dealt with the mother’s right over the right of the unborn child in her uterus, whereas in the case of frozen embryos, the embryonic children are separate from their mothers.

The destiny of the thousands of frozen embryos in California should be an attempt at normal life through adoption, said Palmer. The NAAPC also filed the case on behalf of California couple Peter and Suzanne Murray who recently met with President Bush with their now 23-month-old “adopted frozen embryo” Mary Elizabeth. Palmer says of couples who choose to adopt frozen embryos rather than see them left to embryonic stem cell research: they “preferred to adopt them so they may fulfill their destinies rather than vivisect them for experiments.”

Dr. Jerome Lejeune, a scientist who has received commendations from Popes and Presidents, is described by Palmer as being “to the world of genetics what Einstein was to the realm of physics.” Lejeune, prior to his death in 1994 warned the world the human embryo is in a human being.“From the moment of fertilization, that is from the earliest moment of biologic existence, the developing human being is alive, and entirely distinct from the mother who provides nourishment and protection. From fertilization to old age, it is the same living human being who grows, develops, matures and eventually dies. This particular human being, with his or her characteristics, is unique and therefore irreplaceable.,” he said.

Palmer recalls that Lejeune warned, referring to experimentation with embryos, that the biological bomb is probably more dangerous for humanity than the thermo-nuclear bomb. Six months prior to his death in April 1994, Lejeune met in Washington with political and other leaders discussing issues related to genetic research and the like. He concluded that remembering that human embryos are people we must always employ one simple rule to solve all ethical quandaries regarding such research.“As you have done unto the least of these you did it to me.”


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