PALM BEACH, FLA, Sept 9 ( – Planned Parenthood is set to launch deceptive television ads promoting so-called “emergency contraception” with the help of celebrity spokespersons Christina Ricci, Deborah Cox and Joan Osborne. The commercials are to hit television Sept 15 and are geared to young people.

The ads attempt to portray the drugs as true contraceptives rather than abortifacients. The PREVEN kit which is specifically designed for “emergency contraception” even offers a pregnancy test and says if the test indicates you are pregnant do not take the pills.  Pregnancy testers, however, look for a chemical in the body known as hcG which, according to   health professionals, is undetectable until a substantial period after conception. In fact,  most pregnancy testers indicate that users should wait until the first day after a missed period before using the device. 

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