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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon’s guest is Andy Griffith, an EMT firefighter who works at a university hospital and runs a project called Pro-Life Man.

Griffith says the mission of Pro-Life Man is twofold: to encourage men to be a voice for preborn sons and daughters, and to provide resources and healing for men grieving an abortion.

Much of this week’s episode is devoted to Griffith’s pro-life work, but he also shares why he thinks there’s such a significant gap in treatment for men and women looking to recover from an abortion.

“I think they’ve just always wanted to focus on women, and I think that’s a righteous focus and a good thing. Obviously, women need a tremendous amount of feeling on this abortion topic. And so I think in the triage of recognizing needs, I think rightfully women come first in that triage, if you will,” he says.

“And then if anyone thinks about men, the struggle is men by their nature are internal with their wounds and with their hurts. They don’t like to be external, and they don’t like to share their hurts in their wounds. They don’t like to break down. They don’t like to look weak.”

Griffith adds that Pro-Life Man is built from the ground up and works with men exclusively. He says his approach differs significantly from previous approaches that assumed men could be counseled in the same way women can.

Listen to today’s episode below, and check out the Pro-Life Man website by clicking here.

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