July 24, 2012 ( – A pro-family group is calling on citizens to boycott a new NBC television series focusing on a gay couple who obtain a surrogate to have a baby.

One Million Moms, a group of mothers affiliated with American Family Association, says The New Normal, which premieres Sept. 11th, is “attempting to desensitize America and our children.”

The show features an unwed mother who offers to be a surrogate for a homosexual couple to make money for law school, a plan she postponed when she found out she was pregnant with her now 8-year-old daughter. In the trailer, the woman’s grandmother is portrayed as a racist, anti-gay, southern conservative Christian who implies that she would have aborted her daughter if she had realized she was pregnant soon enough.


The trailer depicts the homosexual couple asking the woman if she has problem being a surrogate for two men. She responds saying, “A family is a family; love is love.”

A recent study found that children raised by homosexual couples have a higher incidence of contemplating suicide, suffering sexual assault, and being unemployed.

One Million Moms (OMM) says the image of family life portrayed in the show “is the opposite of how families are designed and created. You cannot recreate the biological wheel.”

“NBC is using public airwaves to continue to subject families to the decay of morals and values, and the sanctity of marriage in attempting to redefine marriage,” says OMM. “These things are harmful to our society, and this program is damaging to our culture.”

OMM is asking supporters to email NBC asking them not to air the show, and telling NBC that their family will not be watching the show.

The pro-family organization has had a part in the cancellation of other shows and advertisements in the past, including The Playboy Club, Skins, and a JC Penney commercial which used sex to sell men’s clothing.