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(LifeSiteNews) – An attorney with America’s Frontline Doctors has warned that the World Health Assembly is a danger to American freedom.

The 75th World Health Assembly took place between May 22-28 in Geneva, Switzerland, and attorney Thomas Renz believes that the ideas considered at the event constitute a threat to American sovereignty.

In an interview with the Gateway Pundit, Renz explained the legal and political implications that could manifest if the goals of the assembly were to take root.

He called Biden’s attempts to shift power to the WHO “seditious” and “mind-blowing.”

The interview was recorded at the beginning of the event, and since then a series of potentially alarming amendments of the International Health Regulations have been temporarily withdrawn.

However, Renz’s concerns could still prove legitimate, as he believes the danger inherent in the globalist approach to regulating health care goes deeper than what takes place at a single symposium or conference.

He told the Gateway Pundit that his particular area of concern regards the threat to national sovereignty if a globalist approach to dealing with health is adopted.

“It used to be,” he said, “… that if the WHO wanted to declare an emergency and try and push things within a country, they had to ask that country first because nations are sovereign and national sovereignty takes precedence over any national organization.”

However, Renz opined that the moves Biden has made represent a “shifting a dramatic amount of power into the WHOs hands.”

“As long as he’s president—and pretty time anytime we have any screwy Democrat in office— they are going to use this as a mechanism to try to essentially force international will on the American people.”

Renz believes that the continual shifting of powers to the World Health Organization and other groups by the Biden administration means that the WHO will “tell us if there is an emergency… [and] try to force any country that is not complying into compliance.”

The WHO is not a governmental organization in the strict sense but instead operates independently. Thus, any power they have in a sovereign country only manifests if the head or heads of state delegate them the authority to act.

Renz thinks this creates a “really complicated, messy legal process.”

“We … are intentionally trying to ignore the laws of our country,” he said.

According to Renz, the great difficulty for those concerned with national sovereignty lies in the fact that “there is no good way for us to challenge this in court directly right now.”

“This would be like if there’s a club in Germany that said, ‘We are going to start an international club in Germany and the UK, and we are going to burn American flags every day.’ We couldn’t sue that club. We don’t have any tie with them,” Renz said. “Because this international club, the WHO, is changing regulations, I don’t see a direct lawsuit that we can file on that.”

He added that, due to the novel legal nature of the situation, “there is no lawsuit remedy right now.”

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Discussing the PCR tests that have been used to detect supposed COVID infections – even though it was admitted by the CDC that PCR tests are unspecific – Renz said that he believes the enthusiasm in doing so many PCR tests was because “they are gathering data.”

“Data is key. We know that data is key, the WEF, Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab and crew, have talked a lot, in their words not mine, about things like ‘making human beings hackable.’ To do that, you have to have immense amounts of data.”

Renz added that he doesn’t want “these globalist monsters” to have his DNA.

“I don’t care what they’re using it for,” he declared.  |I don’t believe they are using it for the best interest of America because they openly declared themselves enemies of America.”